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November 27, 2021

1972 dollar coin value

More than 170 million Eisenhower dollars were made by the US Mint in the year of 1972.  Even though the dollars were made in a huge amount, there were only 2 million who were made of silver. So the rest was copper-nickel.

Though the copper-nickel clad was not that valuable, the 1972 dollar coin value is still worth good money because of its numismatic value. If I write this article in short it won’t give you enough information on the 1972 dollar coin value today. 

So here I am with a total guide to understand the 1972 dollar coin value.

1972 Dollar Coin And Its Popularity

1972 Dollar Coin

Before starting the article let me clear one doubt that you readers are having, here coin and dollar mean the same.

Frank Gasparro was the mind behind designing the coin. The obverse side has been engraved with the face of President Dwight D.

The reverse side has been engraved where there is an eagle clutching onto an olive branch, landing on the moon. If you take a detailed look you will see mini earth on the side of the reverse. 

The 1972 one-dollar coin value is more than you think in this era, it can sell for thousands if you are lucky enough.

The minting process in Denver was going well and Philadelphia mint used three different reverse dyes, they also named them Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

According to coin collectors, you can notice differences on the earth, especially the islands beneath Florida on all of the three Philadelphia mint coins.

The one-dollar 1972 coin value is 1 dollar, but they are worth more than that If the coins are double-dyed, rare, and uncirculated.

To find them since they are no longer circulating you have to look for ike dollars.

Is The 1972 Dollar Silver?

1972 Silver Dollar coin

You should know before reading more about the 1972 dollar coin value. Ike dollars were produced in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco, the three minting branches.

You won’t find any marks on the coins that have been made in Philadelphia. 75.8 million coins were minted in Philadelphia, just so you know. 92.5 million coins were minted in Denmark, with a mark saying ‘D’, and 2.1 million coins were minted in San Francisco, marked ‘S’ in them.

Don’t expect all the 1972 coins to be silver, they aren’t. Coins from Philadelphia were made of copper and were covered with a copper-nickel cladding.

40% of Coins from San Francisco happen to be of silver. These coins were not made for use but to only satisfy collectors.

The coins were sold to the collectors in each pack, popularly known as blue packs. So if your coin is marked ‘S’ then be sure that it is of silver and there is no need to ask anyone about it. 

1972 Dollar Coin Types

In the above section, we have already discussed the coins made by Philadelphia and how there are three reverse dyes. Let’s see the difference between all three of them and their rule time.

Type 1:

The type 1 1972 coin was used from January through August

Since the production type 1 coin ran only for 9 months therefore the numismatic value became relatively low. The earth on the reverse side of the type 1 coin is flat. Also, the islands under Florida are the same.

Although if you look sharply at the eagles’ feathers, you will see them a bit raised. The type one coin was a low-relief design that’s why Philadelphia decided to make use of the reverse side. 

Type 2:

Proof dyes have only been used around 2 to 4 thousand coins, while the production dyes around 100 to 200 thousand coins.

So proof dye mint is used on thousands of coins, it is very obvious to see them wear off easily. Type 2 coins are the rarest and worth the most among the 1972 coin series.

Type 3:

Starting from September to the end of the year the third type coin of reverse dye has been used. Even the earth on the reverse looked very much true.

There are islands on the south, west, islands Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Haiti. The design is considered a high relief and the earth looked well engraved. 

Coin Grading System

1972 Dollar Coin Grading

Uncirculated coins are graded from MS60 TO MS70. MS60 for covered marks and MS70 for uncovered and clean ones.

Circulated coins have their own game, they are termed as good, very good, fine, very fine and uncirculated. Uncirculated denotes that there is an abundant mint luster, you can only see the wear on the highest points.

Table Of Figures:

If you are into buying, selling, and knowing 1972 dollar coin value, here is a table of what you can expect in the current market.

Circulated  MS 63 MS 65 PR65 PR 67
Type 1 1972  5 dollars 16 DOLLARS 95 DOLLARS N/A N/A
Type 2 1972  40 dollars 125 DOLLARS 1920 DOLLARS  N/A N/A
Type 3 1972 6.65 dollars 23 DOLLARS 153 DOLLARS N/A N/A
D- 1972 2.49 dollars  13 DOLLARS 20 DOLLARS N/A N/A

1972 Dollar Coin Value

1972 Silver Dollar Coin Value

1972 silver dollar coin value depends on many factors such as strike type, uncirculated and circulated status, grading, rarity, and composition.

Besides these, there are many factors as well that tell a coin’s worth such as CAC and MAC.

Type 2 is worth more than type 1 and type 3 due to a contestable fact. Type 1 and 3 are MS66 who are auctioned for thousands of dollars, but still Type 2 leads the way.

But there is a twist: if Type 2 and MS65 are above it will command five figures. 1972s coins with MS69 are auctioned for 3000 dollars.

The Bottom Line

I hope I have been able to clear all your doubts about the 1972 dollar coin value. So if you have a 1972 coin, figure out the ike dollar. It is fine too if you just want to stretch your coin collections by adding these historical coins. Whatever the reason, I hope this article can help you till the end. You can also read our similar guide on the 1979 one-dollar coin

Leave a comment down in the comment box and share with us your experience. 

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