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published on: November 24, 2021 last updated on: May 15, 2024
1979 one dollar coin value

The 1979 one dollar coin value has stirred up many conversations among finance enthusiasts. Whether you call it the Susan b Anthony coin or the 1979 silver dollar; it’s worth and the history latched to it will always be a good topic of discussion.

But, wait, are you in possession of one? That is interesting!

However, automatically think that you are rich. Different 1979 one dollar coins have different values, and extremely sorry to burst your bubble but not all of them are expensive. Some of them are common and found in every household.

That being said, if you are still interested to know every detail on the one dollar coin 1979 value query then you have reached the right place. The excerpt below can be of big help, whether you are trying to sell or just have a curious mind. 

1979 Susan B Anthony Coin

Susan B Anthony Coin 1979

Before we look into the worth of the coin, let us first find out the history behind the Susan B Anthony dollar. This kind of silver coin was not long-lived in the finance world because of the confusion and the incomprehension it created.

The coin was supposed to be a solution to replace dollar bills with the motive of saving cost. However, the lack of dollar bills backfired because people started to mistake it with quarters and the whole payment system went through turmoil.

Now, the history behind it being named Susan B Anthony Coin is because of the emblem on the coin. It had the face of the pioneer Susan B Anthony who was the women’s rights advocate.

There are several reasons why the dollar Susan B. Anthony coin became so popular in its time. You need to know the history to get through the past of it. You cannot skip through it once you start to know about it.

1. Historical Significance

The 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar was the first U.S. coin to feature a woman as the primary design subject. Susan B. Anthony was a prominent advocate for women’s suffrage and played a significant role in the women’s rights movement. The coin’s issuance marked an important moment in U.S. history and represented a step towards gender equality.

2. Limited Mintage

The Susan B. Anthony dollar was minted for only four years, from 1979 to 1981, and then once again in 1999. Its limited mintage contributes to its collectible appeal. Many collectors were interested in obtaining these coins due to their relatively short production run.

3. Distinctive Design

The coin’s design was distinct and unique at the time. It featured a portrait of Susan B. Anthony on the obverse and an image of the Apollo 11 moon landing on the reverse. The small size (similar to a quarter) and copper-nickel composition set it apart from other U.S. coins.

4. Misconception About Reality

At the time of its release, there was a common misconception that the Susan B. Anthony dollar would be a rare and valuable coin. This perception led many people to save them, thinking they would appreciate in value. In reality, the coin’s limited mintage did not make it particularly rare.

5. Collectors Interest

The coin collecting community has a strong interest in commemorative, and the Susan B. Anthony dollar is considered one of these. Collectors often seek coins with historical significance, unique designs, and limited availability.

6. Promotion & Marketing

The U.S. Mint actively promoted the Susan B. Anthony dollar during its release, which generated interest and excitement among the public.

Despite its initial popularity, the Susan B. Anthony dollar did not gain widespread circulation acceptance, in part due to its similarity in size and appearance to the quarter, leading to confusion. As a result, the U.S. Treasury ceased production of the coin for general circulation after 1981.  

While the coin may not be exceptionally valuable in monetary terms, it is still widely collected and cherished for its historical significance, and it serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality in the United States.  

How To Differentiate Between The Normal Coin And Silver Dollar Coin?

1979 Normal Coin & Silver Dollar Coin

If you want to understand the 1979 one dollar coin value then you have to learn the different types that are out there.

Yes, there are different kinds.

The two major differences are between the rims. They are the Narrow rim and the Wide rim; depending on the width of the between the 1 of ‘1979.’

Due to an error between the two states, you will see some of the coins with the ‘P’ tint mark. So, if you have a coin with a thicker width and the date is closer to the rim then you have the rarest one only if they are the uncirculated type.

Other than the ‘P’ mint mark, there are other marks that were circulated all around the country; these are ‘S’ and ‘D’. 

Susan B Anthony Coin Mint Marks

1979 Susan B Anthony Coin

One dollar 1979 coin value can always be understood with the mint marks on the coin. These define the first letter of the states that they were manufactured in. Here are the mint marks and how much they are worth.

One Dollar Coin 1979-D Value

Circ. Buy: $2.00

Circ.Buy: $1:05 

Unc.Buy: $3.00

Unc.Buy: $2.20

One Dollar Coin 1979 P Value

Cir.Buy: $2.00

Circ.Buy: $1.05

Unc.Buy: $3.00 

Unc.Sell: $2.20

One Dollar Coin 1979 P [Wide Rim]

Cir.Buy: $10.00

Circ.Buy: $6.00

Unc.Buy: $30.00

Unc.Sell: $22.00

One Dollar Coin 1979 S

Cir.Buy: $ 2.00

Circ.Buy: $1.10 

Unc.Buy: $2.50

Unc.Sell: $2.00

One Dollar Coin 1979 S Type 1 Proof

Unc.Buy: $8.00

Unc.Sell: $6.30

One Dollar Coin 1979 Type 2 Proof

Unc.Buy: $69.00

Unc.Sell: $52.00

1979 Susan B Anthony One Dollar Coin Value

The 1979 B coin is the same as the 1979 P. So, check the above-mentioned list.

The Narrow Rim Silver Dollar Coin

Now that you have understood the 1979 one dollar coin value here are the history and definition of some of the Susan B Anthony coin types.

As mentioned before, the narrow rim is worth less than the wide rim.

The S Proof Type One

In the S proof type 1, you will see the Mint mark to be unclear. It looks more of a blob, giving it the name of blob mint mark. This is because in 1979, the punching mind mark was done manually. The coin was manufactured in San Francisco and as usual mass-produced making it less expensive. 

One Dollar Coin 1979 Type 2 Proof

Now if you are wondering what is 1979 one dollar coin value then the thought of it being expensive has definitely crossed your mind right?

Well, if you are in possession of this kind then consider yourself lucky because these are the rarest kinds and gain some good bucks if you own a few. These were the new mint marks in San Francisco and as it was almost by the end, not many could be produced.

Here Are The Other Factors That Affects 1979 Susan B Anthony One Dollar Coin Value

Factors Affects 1979 One Dollar Coin Value

Here are the other conditions that affect the worth. This is to answer the pressing question of how much is a 1979 Silver Dollar worth?

Silver dollars are usually worth less than other coins because they are tarnished. If a coin is repeatedly used, it will show signs of wear and tear. Coin collectors usually prefer to buy coins that are in mint condition.

The same is true for other types of collectors. Silver dollars that show evidence of good circulation have a lower value than those with evidence of poor circulation. This is despite the type of coin it is.

If you already have a 1979 dollar which is worn out and has been on the block for quite some time then you should be ready to accept a few bucks for it. Although, uncirculated doesn’t mean it has never been used it just means that the coin shows less evidence of tears and signs of being worn out.

The manufactured amount also plays an important role in the 1979 one dollar coin value.

Final Thoughts

These coins were manufactured with the idea of reducing the cost of dollar bills and silver coins from the beginning of time. This might give people the impression of the 1979 one dollar coin value being of high worth. However, you should keep your expectations low.

As said before, you won’t get sudden wealth. But, you can earn some good dollars if you own a few of the rarest ones.

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