American Express Platinum Benefits & Travel Perks 

June 10, 2024

American Express Platinum

The American Express Platinum card is a premium credit card. But it offers the best-in-class rewards and new members’ offers. There’s considerable debate regarding the utility of the Card. It provides 5x rewards to users. But it charges $695 as an annual fee, too. 

Read more about it before you apply.

American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card

No doubt, the American Express Platinum card comes at a high cost. But it also offers 5x reward points on select flights and hotels. 

At the same time, customers get valuable credits while traveling or shopping. 

Enhanced Privileges

At a high price, American Express Platinum offers some unique privileges. These are:

  • Over $1500 annual statement credits (**however retrievable from select purchases only)
  • Complimentary lounge access and entry to Amex global lounge 
  • Mobile phone protection 
  • Pay over time” facility for APR payments 

Welcome Offer of up to Rs. 35,000

Are you applying for the american express platinum card?

Guess what? It’s the right time too!

If you apply now, you can enjoy their ongoing welcome bonus offer. 

You may get a welcome offer of gift coupons worth Rs. 35000 from Amazon Pay, Taj Group, and MakeMyTrip. 

Metal Card

 Your Amex platinum card now comes in a stainless-steel version. So, it is not only premium but durable as well. 

The sleek and elegant metal design and edgy finish elevate your lifestyle quotient. You can stand out while you pay using the Amex plat.

Card Features

Card Features

Now you know the basics of your American Express Platinum card. But let’s dig into the essential features of the platinum Amex cards now.

Premium Cards

The platinum American Express card is wrapped with the most premium offers against a high annual fee. 

The cards like The Platinum Card® Classic Platinum version and other premium cards not only charge high annual fees. However, you can also enjoy unparalleled benefits that no other card offers.

For instance, you can earn as much as 125000 membership rewards within six months. But you must make purchases worth $8000 to get these points within this time. 

At the same time, you are also eligible to get $200 hotel credits. I have not seen any other vendor giving such high hotel credits. But you can get this benefit if you have a Platinum card. 

Rewards Cards

The Platinum Card is also one of the best rewards cards. There are many rewards cards in the US, like Wells Fargo, Chase Unlimited, Blue Cash preferred card from AmEx, etc. However, you can get the most premium rewards at $695 a year. 

To prove my point, I can create a short list of the rewards offered by the Platinum card: 

  • 1 Amex point against every INR 50 spent by you during everyday shopping
  • Get 1000 bonus points when you use your American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card 4 times, respectively. 
  • Use the SmartEarn Credit card and get 10x membership points. To earn these points, you can shop on Flipkart and Uber.
  • Amex also gives 5x points for purchasing products from Amazon, BookMyShow, and Swiggy. 

Travel Cards

The travel platinum card American Express version gets you 1000 membership reward points. You can redeem the points against a Flipkart voucher. 

You can also use the points to pay at the Amex Travel Online PoS. The 10000 points are equivalent to a discount of INR 3000. 

There are similar benefits that no other travel rewards card offers. 

You may get up to 25000 reward points. However, I recommend using the points at the Amex online PoS to get the best value. 

Corporate Card

The corporate platinum card American Express version is recommended for seasoned business travelers or higher executives of a company. 

 You can get a Gold Elite status at the Marriott Bonvoy, among other monetary benefits. 

All cardholders are also eligible for benefits worth INR 15000 against spending INR 200000 on hotels and transit. 

You can retrieve the value through MMT vouchers. 

Application Process

Application Process

You can easily apply online for your platinum American Express card. The application process takes 10 minutes to complete. It’s swift and easy, too. 

Apply Online

The steps of the online application are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the online application page link.

Step 2: Select the Card that you want to apply for

Step 3: Click on “Apply now.”

Step 4: Fill up the application form (enter the personal and professional details, followed by address and income proofs)

Step 5: Enter your banking details 

Step 6: Get a confirmation and wait for a status update

Step 7: if your Card is approved, you will get an email within 15 days (about two weeks)  

Terms & Conditions Apply

 You will be eligible only if you have a good credit repayment history. At the same time, you must have a minimum credit score of 690 to apply for the Card.



Let’s discuss the membership benefits you can avail of from the platinum American Express card. 

Membership Benefits

The optimum membership benefit of the platinum card from American Express is the 5X travel reward points. You can retrieve and reuse these points at 

So, book your flights and hotels from Your additional card members can also book services from your account on this site. 

You can also get 5X points if you spend more than $500000 within the calendar year. 

Special Benefits with Premium Cards

There’s a reason why the American Express Platinum credit card is one of the premium cards. 

It offers additional concierge services, airline offers, and hotel discounts. You can also get free premium lounge access in more than 130 countries. 

Experts say it is the best and most viable option for premium business travelers. 

There are many other benefits. So, check out for additional Rewards always by your side and:

  • 500+ redemption options
  • Latest offers and updates

Card Management

Card Management

You must know about the security and card management features. Amex provides premium security facilities over your account. 

Ways to Pay with Your Card

You can use your reward points instead of cash to make PoS payments. During checkout, use your Card at PoS to get the discount. 

Each point is worth approximately 0.7 cents. 

Manage Your PIN

There are a few steps to manage your Amex platinum card PIN. 

Step 1: go to the Account section of your account or app

Step 2: Click on the option- Manage Credit Card PIN

Step 3: click on the “Create PIN” option; if you are creating your PIN for the first time

Step 4: If you need to change your PIN, click on the “Change PIN” option

Replace Your Card

It’s easy. Just click on the Request a Replacement Card Now section of your app. American Express Platinum gives you next-day shipping for your replacement card. 

Card Security Features

 Sometimes, you face the unexpected. However, the purchase protection feature of the American Express Platinum card protects your purchases. This feature is available only on select platinum cards. 

You will get a maximum protection of $50000 in your lifetime. But AmEx gives up to $10000 protection coverage each time.

At the same time, you can apply for protection within 90 days (about three months) of the incident. 

Additional Information

Most of you get confused while applying for a new American Express Platinum card. Don’t be. You just need to keep two steps in mind:

  • Explore American Express® Cards
  • Choose the Card that suits you best
  • Website rules and regulations

Compliance with local laws and regulations is a must. All trademarks, logos and proprietary service are the sole property of AmEx. For further knowledge, read the Rules and Regulations section of the American Express Platinum website. 

Privacy Centre

Visit the privacy center on the AmEx website to learn how your platinum card data is protected. 

Privacy Centre has a range of short videos to explain how customers can have greater control over their personal and usage data. 

You can also click on the Online Privacy Statement and the Privacy Notices by AmEx Bank.

Financial Disclosure

 This section has all the terms and conditions for business practices in your country. 

The applicable privacy statements and relevant policies have also been updated in this section

Customer Support

Customer Support

Find all relevant customer support-related data here. 

Contact Information

If you are a card member, call 1-800-528-2122. 24/7 for any query or grievance. 

Also, you can call 1-800-492-3932 if you are a platinum card member. 

Customer Service Committee

You can access the customer service portal to report any grievance to the customer service committee of AmEx Bank. Access the portal here

FAQ section

Q1. What are the conditions for AmEx platinum?

Ans: You must pay $695 plus taxes to apply for American Express Platinum. Also, you must have a credit score above 700.

Q2. What are all the benefits of American Express Platinum?

Ans: The benefits include a travel bonus, dining bonus, hotel credits, lounge access, welcome bonus, concierge benefits, and more.

Notice board

 You can access the Notice board of American Express Platinum for miscellaneous needs. For instance, you can learn about the grievance addressal policy, base rates, and deceased policies. Access this section here

All content, logos, trademarks, images, and site traffic are AmEx’s exclusive property. There are specific copyright laws as well as IP laws to protect them.

Important terms and conditions

  • Annual fees
  • Minimum income requirement
  • Welcome benefits

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All information is subject to change.

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