B2B Market Research

Surveys are a simple and effective way to gather information from your customers.

They’re also an easy way to boost your brand recognition and position in the market.

But how do companies use surveys? For example, if you like to do market research services India, you just need to know what types of products Indians like to use.

It all depends on their needs.

Let’s dive into some of the types of surveys that companies use and how they do this.

3 Prime B2B Market Research Survey Types

B2B Market Research Survey Types

1. Due diligence surveys

Due diligence surveys are a popular tool for companies to use in the course of their business dealings. They can be used to gather information about potential partners, suppliers, and mergers. Due diligence surveys are often conducted by lawyers and accountants, who can then pass on their findings to shareholders or other stakeholders in the business.

For example, if you’re thinking about investing in a new company and want some reassurance that it’s a sound investment before parting with your money, it might make sense for you to conduct due diligence on them first.

This means asking for information about how the company is run and what its financial standing is like by sending out questionnaires asking specific questions about these issues. The answers will give investors an idea of how risky investment might be (or not), helping them decide whether they should continue pursuing further negotiations with this particular firm or look elsewhere instead. A B2B survey for due diligence comes under this category.

Due diligence surveys

2. Branding surveys

This type of survey is used to measure customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and image. It asks questions related to the brand and how it is perceived by customers. This type of survey can also be used to measure loyalty and preference:

  • Measure customer satisfaction: You can use this type of survey to measure how well your products or services are being received by your target audience. A branding survey helps you understand what customers like about your product or service, what they don’t like, and other important details that will help improve their experience with you.
  • Measure brand awareness: By asking questions about whether respondents recognize certain brands in comparison with others (such as “Which do you think is a better brand?”), these surveys can show how well-known a given company’s products are among consumers who haven’t actually purchased them yet — although some might not even be aware that such companies exist!
Branding surveys

3. Market research surveys

Market research surveys are used to gather information about customers, competitors, and markets. They can be used for a particular product or for general market information.  B2B market research surveys are typically conducted by companies to help them develop new products, improve existing ones and make strategic decisions about marketing campaigns. It is relatively easy to find B2B survey respondents for those types of surveys since it is a widely available crowd.

Market research surveys

Professional Survey Platforms Can Help Organizations Of Any Size Quickly Gather Actionable Insights

A survey platform is a tool that you can use to create, design, and manage surveys. Survey platforms can be used by any organization regardless of size or industry to gather actionable insights from customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Professional survey platforms offer a range of features like the ability to create multiple versions of the same survey, publish results in real-time, and analyze those results using built-in analytics tools. These features help organizations make better decisions by providing them with a greater understanding of their customer’s needs and behaviors.


Surveys are a great way to collect information from your customers in the process of B2B market research. You can use them to gather feedback or find out what people think about a new product or service. A professional survey tool will make it easier for you to create and run surveys, as well as analyze the results so that you can act on them in real time.


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