Experts predict the global property management industry will be worth in excess of $28 billion by 2028. Therefore, it’s unsurprising many agents are keen to offer their services and claim a share of this lucrative industry.

But, what factors should you consider when choosing a property management company? After all, your property is an important investment that could provide a significant income for many years. You’ll be delighted to hear you can separate the best property management agents from the rest by looking for a few key qualities.

Let’s dive in learn more about selecting a property management service.

Property Management Company Experience

Property Management Company Experience

You may feel more comfortable working with a company that has experience in specialized sectors. For example, you could find an agency that has been working for years in the single-family property management industry, while another knows everything about vacation rentals.

Professionals with extensive knowledge of specific markets could know useful industry tips. This can help streamline your property rental process and save you money.

Client Reviews

The best property manager will have a long list of client testimonials. This can give you peace of mind that you’re working with a top-class professional who will look after your requirements. But, if you find a property agent is reluctant to show you their customer reviews, this can be a warning sign. It may be best to move on and look for another company.

You can also search online review sites to get an idea of what to expect from a particular property management business.

Company Capacity

You might find a company that does not have enough staff to cope with the housing market demand. In this scenario, they could neglect your property, leading to dissatisfied tenants. Make sure a business has employees available to look after your property at all times throughout the year.

Range of Services

You know that property ownership comes with many responsibilities, and you’ll expect an agency to take these duties off your hands. But, not all property management companies provide a full range of services. It’s important to ask if they will take care of areas such as landscaping and rent adjustments as well as other requirements.

You should ask for confirmation of an agent’s duties to be included in the contract.


You don’t want to overpay for property management services, but it’s not always a good idea to choose the cheapest option. Ask for quotes from several companies and compare the services and prices. You can then decide which agent provides the best value for money.

Choose Your Ideal Property Management Company

Choose Your Ideal Property Management Company

Choosing a property management company doesn’t have to be challenging, but it’s important to ask some key questions before signing a contract. Ensure your preferred agent has plenty of relevant experience and that they have the capacity to manage your property. It’s also vital to ask what tasks they’ll carry out on your behalf and if they have a list of positive customer reviews

When you find the right property management agency, it can take a weight off your shoulders!

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