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published on: May 24, 2024 last updated on: July 9, 2024
big lots credit card

Big Lots credit card is popular among department store customers in the US. More than 1425 stores are accepting big lots of credit cards in the US.

You can shop from Big Lots for many daily use as well as home-based goods.

There are many notable benefits of using a Big Lots card. For every $100 spent on the Big Lots credit card, you earn $5 as a bonus. However, the offer applies to BIG rewards Members only. 

There are two more lucrative offers, too.

You shop from a Big Lots store using the Big Lots credit card. If you make a bill of $250, you get six months to pay back. Till six months, there will be no interest on your bill. 

Secondly, you can get a payback period of 12 months if you shop for $750, at least. 

Benefits of Having a Big Lots Credit Card

Benefits of Having a Big Lots Credit Card

I see that there are fewer perks on small-scale shopping. But you will save big-time if you use the Big Lots credit card for high-end purchases.

Your Big Lots credit card is issued by Comenity Bank. This bank also issues other store retail cc. So, you can trust their circuit.

How to Become a Big Lots Credit Card Member?

How to Become a Big Lots Credit Card Member

There are some essential criteria to get a Big Lots credit card. Firstly, you must have a minimum credit score of 640. Secondly, you cannot pre-qualify for the card.

Thus, to become a Big Lots credit card holder, you must apply manually. You can apply online or in-store. 

I would recommend only the application process. It’s both fast and hassle-free. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit Comenity Capital’s website
  • Click on “Apply now.”
  • Fill in your personal and professional information
  • Get your credit score reviewed for eligibility in the next step
  • Get the big lots credit card suitable for you

As a result, after approval, it will take a maximum time of 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) to reach you. 

Contact information for the Big Lots Credit Card Care Center

There are two help center contact numbers for your Big Lots credit card. These are:



Benefits of Big Lots Credit Card

Benefits of Big Lots Credit Card

You may not get a small token credit when you shop with a biglotscreditcard. However, there are lucrative benefits to high-value purchases. 

$5 Back on Every $100 Spent

You make a purchase (or multiple purchases) worth $100 from your Big Lots credit card. Then eligible to get a $5 cashback and can retrieve it in your Big Rewards wallet and use it to pay later. 

Flexible Financing Options

You can pay your Big Lots credit card bill within six months. Most store credit cards have a monthly or 15-day payment cycle. However, Big Lots credit card is an exception. But you must spend at least $250 from your card in any Big Lots store. 

In the same way, you can pay your bill in 12 months if you spend at least $750 from the Big Lots credit card. 

New Cardholder Discount

New Cardholder Discount

According to Nerdwallet, Big Lots Credit Cards offer high discounts to first-time users. You will get a 15% one-time bonus when you pay with this car for the first time.

Exclusive Offers for Cardholders

There are many exclusive offers that you can enjoy as a Big Rewards member. You will get $5 cashback for $100 as well as $10 for $200. 

Access to Special Promotions and Rewards

The Big members enjoy some special promotional offers. These offers and rewards accumulate over time. You can also use the rewards flexibly.

For evidence, every purchase with a reward point gets more reward points. 

Earn Periods and Rewards

There are many exclusive rewards of big lots credit cards for big-time shoppers. You can win cash incentives. You will also get discount offers. I have discussed some of the prime benefits here:

  • Earn $5 back in Rewards for every $100 in purchases charged to the Big Lots Credit Card
  • No interest if paid in full within specific periods on qualifying purchases
  • Credit bonuses for participants in the Big Rewards program
  • Finally, earn periods and expiration dates for rewards

Managing Your Big Lots Credit Card

Managing Your Big Lots Credit Card

Multiple options exist to manage your Big Lots credit card online or via email. You can also use their “service on call” to provide customer service. 

How do you Check and Pay Your Bill In-store, Online, By Phone, or Through the Mail?

Many customers ask if they can pay their bills in-store. There is a provision for that. However, manually paying your bill is very time-consuming. 

But I’d say it’s better to pay the bill online. You already enjoy a lot of flexibility in payment options. 

To pay online, you can visit

You can also pay the bill from call support. The two numbers that you can ring to pay are:



Payment modes are flexible, too. Hence, you can pay through checks, cash, money orders, etc.

Wait, do you receive regular notifications from Big Lots credit card? No.

Then, you will not be able to enable cookies on your app. If you have not signed up with Big Lots Account Center, you won’t get any notifications, offers, or personalized discounts as well. So, follow the steps below:

  • Enrolling in the Account Center to view statements and make payments online
  • Update address information with the Customer Care Center

Making Purchases Before Receiving the Physical Card

Certainly. Once your Big Lots credit card is approved, you will receive the card number and other details by mail. You will also receive an account lookup link/number. You can use either method to pay using your card. 

Hence, you can start using the big lits credit card before you physically have it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!!!

Q1. How to Earn Credit Bonuses for the Big Rewards Program?

Ans: You are eligible to join the Big rewards program as soon as your bog lots credit card is approved. 

I suggest the best way to benefit from the card is to earn credit bonuses. There are two assured bonuses:

A bonus of $10 for each $200 spent on furniture
Bonus on your birthday and other special occasions 

Q2. Finding and redeeming Big Lots Credit Card Rewards.

Ans: Having trouble finding your accumulated rewards on big lots credit card? Worry not. 

• Just open your email

• Go to any big lots mail in your inbox

• Click on the “My Account” option

There, you will find all exclusive and general offers applicable to you
Redeeming your offers and bonuses is easy. Mostly, we get mail with a unique code or ID against a coupon (bonus). But you don’t need to do that. Just log into your account. If you have any offer, show it to any store representative. 
They will guide you through.

Q3. Tracking Progress Towards Earning Rewards.

Ans: Trust me, you don’t need to do anything. You get weekly mail from big lots by default. It shows how much you have earned so far.

Q4. Application process for the Big Lots Credit Card.

Ans: Follow these steps:
• Visit Comenity Capital’s website
• Click on “Apply now.”
• Fill in your personal and professional information
• Get your credit score reviewed for eligibility in the next step
• Get the big lots credot card suitable for you

5. Applying Past Purchases or Deferred Interest Purchases to Earn Credit Rewards.

Ans: You can make deferred interest purchases above $250 for six months. However, the tenure becomes 12 months if you make deferred interest purchases worth $750. 

Q6. Expiration of Credit Card Rewards.

Ans: Your credit card rewards have a tenure. Generally, the rewards expire 60 days (about two months) after receiving them.

Q7. Viewing Statements Online.

Ans: Visit Comenity Capital’s website
Click my account
Enter user ID and password 

Terms and Conditions

There are essential conditions attached to almost all rewards as well as bonus programs. Make sure you are aware of those.

Important Information Regarding Deferred Interest and Payment Requirements

Furthermore, there is a clause regarding deferred interests. And, you must know it properly. states, “Interest will be charged to your Account from the purchase date if the promotional plan balance is not paid in full within the promotional period.”

Minimum Payments and Interest Charges

Secondly, the due dates should clear all minimum payments. But, if you don’t, a $30 charge is incurred. 

Variable Purchase APR and Minimum Interest Charge

Remember two clauses in this regard:

Firstly, the variable purchase APR on your card is 32.24%

Secondly, you will be charged a minimum interest of $3

Credit Card Offers Subject to Credit Approval

You should have a minimum credit score of $640 to apply for a Big Lots credit card.

Issuing bank for Big Lots Credit Card Accounts

 Your Big Lots credit card is issued by Comenity Finance and Payments Bank. 


There are several cash and credit benefits of your Big Lots Credit Card. For instance, you get $% on every $100 you spend. You also enjoy flexible payment options for 6 months and 12 months. You also enjoy flexible bill payment options. 

Therefore, if you want to enjoy special financing plans on large purchases, get a Big Lots Credit Card. 

I tried to answer all common queries regarding Big Lots Credit Card here. However, you can always drop a comment if you want to know anything else.  You may also list your queries through [email protected]. Alternatively, call Big Lots at 1-888-566-4353 for other queries.

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