Copy Trading: What Is It? How Does It Work?

published on: February 20, 2023 last updated on: June 22, 2023
Copy Trading

Copy trading is the wave of the future in investing since it permits traders of all skill levels to replicate the deals of profitable professionals. You won’t have to put in as much time researching markets, sifting through data, and making tough calls on deals.

Copy trading permits you to leverage the expertise of the world’s best traders without lifting a finger. Think of the time and stress you could save by not having to figure out how to invest on your own but still having the chance to earn earnings by just imitating the techniques of profitable traders.

What is copy trading? How does it function? What are the perks and downsides that traders should weigh? These are some of the questions we’ll answer as we delve into the fascinating world of copy trading.

What is Copy Trading?

What is Copy Trading

The name says it all! When engaging in copy trading, you can instantly replicate the deals of a more profitable trader. To copy a trader, you choose how much to invest and your account will instantly make the same deals as the trader you are following in real-time.

There is no need for you to provide input on transactions, and you will earn the same profit margins as your preferred trader.

Copy trading is a simple method of gaining access to the expertise and experience of a more expert trader. Additionally, you retain full control over the result. You can still end deals and initiate new ones at any time.

It is possible to gain money off of another trader’s success by “copying” their deals. In fact, you don’t even need a deep understanding of the stock market to take part.

How Does Copy Trading Work?

So, how does copy trading work? In simple terms, copy trading platforms connect traders to expert traders and permit them to copy their deals instantly in real-time. The traders who are being copied, or the “masters,” receive a commission for their deals that are being copied by others. 

The copying traders, on the other hand, benefit from the experience and success of the masters, permitting them to make informed deals without having to spend time and effort researching and analyzing markets.

What Are The Benefits And Risks of Copy Trading?

Risks of Copy Trading

Copy trading has various perks. In the first place, it permits less-experienced traders to pick the brains of expert pros and pick up some useful tips. Furthermore, it enables investors to spread their bets across numerous masters, mitigating the risk of any one method.

The manual execution of deals is also unnecessary because copy trading can be automated. This is helpful for investors because not all of them can keep an eye on the markets around the clock.

Although there are perks to copy trading, the method is not without its share of downsides just like any other form of investment. The primary danger is that the copy’s performance will lag behind that of the original due to market volatility.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility of fraud, as some traders may artificially boost their results in order to gain more fans. Before attempting to replicate the work of a master, it is essential to investigate their background and standing.

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What Are The Available Copy Trading Platforms?

Each sort of copy trading platform has its own perks and drawbacks, and the best one for you will depend on your individual trading goals, experience level, and risk tolerance.

1. Manual

Manual copy trading platforms offer the most control over your investments. As you are able to make decisions about which deals to copy, and when to execute them. This sort of platform is ideal for expert traders who have a good understanding of the markets and who want to be in full control of their investments. 

Nevertheless, it can be time-consuming and requires a significant amount of effort to monitor the markets and make wise decisions.

2. Semi-Automated

Semi-automated copy trading platforms offer a compromise between manual and automated copy trading. This sort of platform permits traders to set certain parameters, such as the amount invested per trade. And then execute deals instantly depending on those parameters. 

This sort of platform is ideal for traders who want some automation to help manage their investments, but who still want to retain some control over their deals.

Semi-automated copy trading

3. Automated

When it comes to trading, the most hands-off option is provided by automated copy trading systems. This carries out deals without any involvement from the trader.

Traders who don’t have the time or means to keep tabs on the markets around the clock, or who lack the expertise and familiarity to make sound trading decisions, will find this sort of platform very useful.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that copy trading systems that are fully automated rely on algorithms and past data. This may not always be a reliable reflection of the current market.

It is crucial to investigate and vet any prospective master traders before replicating their deals, regardless of the copy trading platform sort you utilize.

This entails looking into how they have fared over a long period of time in the markets. Also, how they have handled risk. Furthermore, remember that there is always the possibility of losing money when trading. Also, keep in mind that success is never a sure thing.


To sum up, copy trading is a relatively new investment method that gives newbie traders the chance to pick up tips from more expert traders and possibly make money from deals.

Copy trading can be a lucrative investment technique. But only if the copied trader is well-researched and market volatility and fraud risks are understood.

There are three primary categories of copy trading platforms—manual, semi-automated, and automated. These provide individuals with a variety of choices to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Copy trading is a stellar way to get started in the investment industry. But like any other sort of trading, it carries with it some dangers. And that’s something to think about well before settling on anything.

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