The business administration degree is a great entry point for those who want to enter the business and management field.

This field has many different career paths, and the type of degree you choose will determine which way to go. The Bachelor’s degree in Business

Administration provides students with knowledge about finance, accounting, marketing strategies, human resources management (HRM), operations research (OR), supply chain management (SCM), international business economics, as well as business ethics courses.

You can get a job in any field with a business administration degree. Here are a few jobs you can get with a Business Administration Degree.

10 Top Jobs For Business Administration Degree Holders

Business Administration Degree Holders

1. Financial analyst

Financial analysts evaluate financial data and make recommendations based on their findings. These professionals typically work in teams, so they must have strong communication skills. They are also expected to have a good understanding of business operations, accounting, and finance, including taxes, as well as management and economics.

Financial analysts help guide organizations toward a more successful economic future. They provide financial ramifications for any decision so that the management can make data-driven decisions to improve the organization’s finances. As per Indeed, you can expect an average salary of $71,618 a year as a financial analyst.

2. Human resource manager

Human resource managers are responsible for the hiring and overseeing of employees. They are also responsible for determining the compensation and benefits packages for their employees, developing and managing employee training programs, and hiring and firing employees. An MBA with HR concentration equips you with the HRM skills needed for the role.

You get to learn about resource management, the recruitment process, drafting HR policies for the company, and providing learning and development opportunities to the employees. The average salary for an HR manager in the US is $70,677 annually, tells Indeed.

3. Project manager

Project managers are responsible for the completion and execution of a project. This means they must be able to manage multiple tasks, deadlines, and people while navigating between departments and teams. They need to communicate with other departments and teams to complete their projects on time.

In addition, project managers must also be able to manage budgets and schedules so that the team can stay focused on their goals without getting bogged down by details. In the US, project managers are typically paid an average salary of $77,270 a year as per Indeed.

 Project manager

4. Cost Estimators

If you have a knack for math and are interested in working in the finance industry. Cost estimators play a vital role in determining how much products or services should cost and how much profit can be made from them. They also help businesses make sure they’re not overcharging customers.

Cost estimators typically work as part of a team of people who analyze costs to find out where their money is going and where it should go to improve efficiency within the organization. In other words: They help companies save money! According to Indeed, as a cost estimator in the US, you can expect to earn $66,029 on average.

Cost Estimators

5. Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators plan, coordinate and execute marketing campaigns. They work with sales staff to develop a strategy for the company’s products or services. They also develop the campaign with advertising agencies, public relations companies, and others. Marketing coordinators then oversee its execution by coordinating with marketing teams on different aspects of the campaign.

From identifying target markets and determining which media channels to use and ensuring all efforts are integrated effectively across all channels to contribute towards achieving their goals. The average salary for this role in the United States is around $45,000 annually according to Indeed.

Marketing Coordinator

6. Management consultant

A management consultant is a professional who helps businesses improve their operations. In this role, you’ll work with various industries and companies to help them solve problems and improve performance.

You may specialize in one area or focus on different aspects at once. However, the job requires strong analytical skills, including data analysis, creative thinking, and interpersonal communication skills. Managers with an MBA degree can earn up to $100,000 a year in their first position as management consultants, says Indeed. 

Management consultant

7. Business development associate

A business development associate is a person who assists in the development of a new business. They work closely with sales and marketing teams, identifying opportunities for new customers and prospects. They help develop relationships that will result in sales. Another one of their key roles includes identifying potential markets for the company’s products or services, analyzing customer needs, developing strategies to meet those needs, and implementing them through marketing campaigns.

Then analyze data from these campaigns to determine whether they’re working effectively enough. As per Indeed, a business development associate in the US can expect to earn $67,382 on average.

Business development associate

8. Forecasting analyst

While forecasting is not a new concept, it’s gaining popularity as more organizations try to make informed decisions based on the future. Forecasting analysts help companies make decisions by using their knowledge of trends and predicting future events. Forecasters in this role have several responsibilities: they identify key factors that drive change and create long-term plans for the company. 

Forecasters can work in various industries, including healthcare, retail sales, or manufacturing operations—but their primary focus should be on analyzing data from past performance to determine what might happen next time if certain variables are changed. Forecasting analysts are paid well tells Indeed, with an average salary of $107,270 a year in the US.

Sales Executive

9. Sales Executive

You’re responsible for selling goods or services to customers in the sales industry. You would have to understand your product or service and represent it in a way that convinces the customer that it will benefit them. You also need to know how to talk with people and deal with rejection—which can often happen when trying to sell something!

A Business administration degree helps you to learn about the sales process, customer behaviors, and consumer trends in the industry to excel in the sales department. The average salary for this role in the United States is around $77,861 per year according to Indeed.

10. Operations Manager

Operations managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of a business. They direct the activities of workers and other resources, ensuring that production goals are met. To do this effectively, operations managers need strong people skills and knowledge about how things work inside a company.

Business administration degrees typically cover supply chain management, production planning, scheduling, and inventory control. According to Indeed, operations managers are typically paid around $67,131 a year in the US.

Operations Manager


Many careers can be pursued with a business administration degree. These include project manager, human resource manager, financial analyst, or sales executive jobs. While these jobs may not require much experience or training, they pay well and offer opportunities for growth within the organization.


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