Steps to Earn More Money in the Investment World

published on: September 11, 2020 last updated on: July 10, 2024

Business is the first term that pops into our minds when discussing financial freedom. But people always say they can’t start their own business since they lack skills or enough capital. They always find a way to blame their condition. On the contrary, intelligent people in Singapore have already changed their lives by participating in the ETF trading industry. Other countries are also catching up with the same trend. Let’s understand steps to earn more money.

ETF trading is one of the most profitable business in today’s world. As most of the brokers are offering high leverage trading account, we can start making money by investing a small amount. But this should never make us a greedy trader. There are some steps that we must follow to become a top trader in the world. Read this article and you will learn many useful techniques.

Trade With Strong Discipline:

People don’t realize the importance of proper discipline. Most rookies break the rules and try to earn vast amounts of money without doing hard work. Even after a balanced trading strategy, people break the rules to earn more. But by doing so, they are putting their career at significant risk.

To survive in the ETF business, you must know the importance of discipline. Precise steps are needed in this market since it is the foundation of the trading business. You may say that you will follow discipline, but you will sometimes test your luck.

Never rely on luck, especially when involved in the CFD trading business. People who are dependent on luck lack the skills to do market analysis.

Use the Best Tools:

Use the Best Tools

Investors are doing relatively well since they know how to use the best tools properly. Check over here and see what you can get from the professional trading platform SaxoTraderPro. 

Once you master this fantastic trading platform, you should feel more comfortable in the professional trading environment. Having the grip on the best tool will not help unless you know its proper use. Instead of doing the math complexly, take the things to the demo platform. 

Stick to the demo trading environment to learn the different trading styles without risking any real money. As you gain more experience with this market, you should feel more comfortable with the investment business.

Study Price Action Signals:

Everyone should learn the price action trading method. This system is often called the mother of technical analysis. Indicators are useful tools, but they always act as a filter. On the contrary, the price action trading method allows retail traders to execute quality trades efficiently. 

They know how they should take the trade with perfect stop loss and take profit. It should be a very challenging task, but if you know how to take the trade, you should become a good trader with this simple strategy. 

Never become confused with the price action trading method. It may seem complicated, but you can always use the demo platform.

Role of Money Management:

To improve your performance, you should decrease the risk in the trades. Taking high risks usually results in significant losses, and it causes investors to lose their confidence. Feel the difference between high and low-risk trading strategies.

If the lot size is small, you should feel comfortable with the approach, and this should give you the space to accept the losses.

On the contrary, investors lose their grip and fail to control the profit potential when the lot size becomes enormous. But all of these factors are very hard to maintain. It requires vital patience and complete control over emotions. So, be ready to increase your patience since it is one of the critical elements determining your success.

Can I Purchase Stocks with Credit Cards?

Can I Purchase Stocks with Credit Cards

You can make the best financial investments through credit cards. 

By doing so, you leverage credit to make more money. And your stash remains unharmed. 

But, the Securities and Exchange Commission does not allow credit card stock purchases. 

Now, that’s not what you were willing to hear. 

Wait! There’s a way you can scoop in your credit card and use credit funds to invest. 

Here’s how. 

You may have heard of apps like Stockpile. Similar to other brokerage apps, Stockpile also helps users to purchase stocks. 

But there’s an additional leverage that can lift your spirits. 

You may purchase e-gift cards here. Hence, the gift card’s value can be used for stock purchases. 

While direct stock purchase with credit cards is not allowed, there’s no bar on using e-gift cards.

Therefore, using credit cards to indirectly buy stocks is possible now. 

Why Use Credit Cards to Fund Stocks?

That’s an obvious question, given the SEC doesn’t encourage it. 

Firstly, gift cards help beginners in the stock market in many ways. For instance, you can buy gift cards for $200 every day, at the most. After that, a cooling period of 24 hours ensues. Forbes says that such limits keep your investing adrenalin in check. 

Investing Rewards Earned From Credit Cards

Investing Rewards Earned From Credit Cards

If earning more from investments is your goal, trying unique ways is imperative, 

One such way is re-investing rewards earned through credit card use. 

I found some credit cards that allow users this benefit. 

For example, users may channel the rewards and cashback into retirement scheme accounts or 529 plans

It is a supplementary, however beneficial investment option. 

Let’s check out some cards with such features. 

Credit Cards from BOA

You may easily retrieve your rewards and cashback earned through the card and direct it to buy a 529 plan. 

Visa Signature Card from Fidelity

Fidelity offers several investment schemes. Some of the best are IRA, rollover IRA, and 529 plans. 

You also get 1 cent against each reward point. 

However, you must collect 2500 points before redeeming rewards into investment accounts. 

Gemini Credit Card

Gemini gives rewards in the form of crypto credits to users. But, users can choose their preferred crypto.

There’s more to it. With Gemini, you can immediately retrieve and invest your rewards. You don’t have to be put up till the billing cycle ends. 

What’s in there for you?

Suppose you were waiting for a moment to buy Bitcoin. And you feel prices will be favorable for your trade, then. 

You may do that now with Gemini.

Wrapping Up…………

Many traders depend on sheer luck. However, disciplined trade can help you earn assured returns. You may use any of the smart trading tools I discussed here. However, I feel that trading with credit cards is the most unique way you may try. Whether buying gift cards with credit cards to trade or redeeming rewards into investment accounts, opportunities are endless.

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