Do you feel like your workday routine could do with a little shaking up? Are you feeling weary in the afternoon? Or perhaps you’re struggling to get going in the morning? In this article, we’re going to take a look at the different foods that you can eat to maintain peak productivity throughout the working day.


The last thing you probably want to hear is the tired cliche that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, guess what? In terms of your productivity, it is.

There are lots of breakfast foods that can give your productivity a kickstart. A simple slice of wholegrain toast or two is a great choice. Those fiber-rich whole grains digest slowly to keep your energy up during the day. Pair your toast with a lean protein such as egg, smoked salmon, or chicken, add a healthy fat such as avocado or a drizzle of olive and you have a breakfast fit for a productivity king.


If you feel that your productivity is starting to flag when most people reach for those coffee beans and get brewing. For the most part, coffee will help to boost your productivity, improve cognitive function, lighten your mood and make you feel less tired.

However, coffee’s not all bundles of energy and great smelling beans. While a mid-morning coffee certainly won’t hurt you, caffeine stimulates the fight or flight chemical in the brain. In small quantities, that can give you a boost of energy, but if you have too much, it can lead to anxiety, restlessness and you can struggle to focus on your work. So, less is more when it comes to caffeine.


Lunchtime. Marvelous! But what should you eat? High-fat and high-sugar lunches might be tempting but go to the dark side and you’ll be sleepy by 3 pm. Instead, go easy on the carbs and hit the protein and healthy fats instead. Believe it or not, burritos and teriyaki bowls are both good options if you’re eating out. If you’re eating in the office, then whole grain sandwiches with chicken or turkey, avocado and all the salad you want are a great choice, but go easy on the mayo.


If you feel yourself flagging in the afternoon, then you’ll likely be drawn to a sugary treat, and the good news is that you can have one. But instead of cakes, sweets, and chocolate bars, which give you a brief burst of energy before a crash, reach for more nutritional sweet snacks such as fruit.

Fruit is naturally sweet and delivers the sugar you need while helping to maintain a stable blood sugar level. It’s also packed full of plant compounds and nutrients that will benefit you in many different ways. More and more offices are opting to provide fruit baskets (more on this service here) for their staff. Just pair your fruity snack with green tea and you have a high-energy and healthy snack that’s geared towards productivity.

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