Enterprise Packaging: Smart Ways To Save Your Small Business Costs

September 8, 2023

Making sure that you implement the best enterprise application packaging is always important, especially when you are just setting your foot. It can help eliminate any possible problems that can arise. It’s a great idea to know the steps of enterprise application packaging and also an adequate way to implement them at a very efficient level. Here are the steps you need to consider.

Application Service Request

Making this request is important because you will need to acquire all the licensing details to ensure that you have the right version while also understanding the enterprise application packaging time frame. Setting up a business needs time, patience, and commitment. Hence, efficient enterprise packaging will help you save time while also ensuring that you speed up the process properly.

Initiation Phase

Once the request is logged and submitted, you will start to identify the costs, and what criteria you need to follow. In addition, you will also need to do some of the tests and see what packaging is the best option. You will have to go through multiple testing phases to ensure everything is ok.

The Packaging Process

The Packaging Process

After this, you must assign the packager or maybe a packaging team. They will snapshot the app and after that, they apply the organizational standards. It’s also the time when you have to apply any special settings, depending on the use case of that particular application and how you plan on using it.

Performing User Acceptance Testing

Once you complete the enterprise application packaging, you will enter a phase called user acceptance testing. The idea here is to ensure that the app gets tested by the recipient to ensure everything is working. That’s when they can identify any errors and things that must be replaced, worked on further or improved accordingly. If everything is fine, the owner signs off on it. But if not, they will have to go through some back and forth to iron out any of the problems.

Quality Review

Even if the recipient signed off on the app, you still have to go through a QA process. That’s when you want to ensure that everything meets the organizational standards and you can collect all the data. It’s important to narrow down problems and see how you can solve them if any were not caught by the recipient. The checklist can vary and it might include a few or maybe hundreds of potential issues. During the QA process, you will have a quality assurance review document where you outline all the information adequately.


The enterprise application packaging process can be very long and tedious, but it’s extremely important to keep in mind in a newly established business. You always want to focus on getting the best enterprise application packaging, and that can help you retain highly-valued customers.

It’s a great solution, and it will provide you with an excellent opportunity to test the application packaging specifically for enterprise users. The QA process plays a major role in this because it will save time while also offering an excellent way to circumvent any potential errors.

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