What makes a good leader?

Leaders are everywhere in the modern world.

Managers, CEOs, even those who are fighting on the streets for what they believe in our leaders.

The definition of ‘leadership’ is different from person to person. But there are undeniable qualities that all good leaders have in common.

10 Qualities Which Makes You A Great Leader

If you hope to be a good leader and lead the way or make a difference in the world, you will need people to follow in your footsteps. And to gain your following and inspire others, you will need the following qualities.

1. Honesty & Integrity

Honesty & Integrity

Unquestionable integrity is the key to good leadership. To go alongside it, honesty will also be essential. To inspire others to be honest with you, you need to be honest with them.

Good leaders stick to their own values, even when others are dubious. Without this self-belief, leaders struggle to make others believe in their vision.

2. The Ability To Inspire Others

Being inspirational is difficult at any age. It is one of the most important qualities you will need as a good leader.

But how do you inspire others?

First, you need to set a good example. Your followers will be keeping a close eye on how you handle controversy or doubt. They will be inspired by your ability to stick by your guns and fight in the face of adversity.

You can only inspire if you are positive. Approaching everything with passion and positivity will inspire others to do the same. Staying calm under pressure, rather than sulking or turning angry, will keep motivation at its peak.

John Quincy Adams once said, when your works and achievements inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. Hence undoubtedly, you are a born leader.

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3. Confidence

Leaders are confident in their abilities, their vision, and – most importantly – their team. If you feel the slightest bit of doubt, how can you expect your followers to trust your commands?

The best good leader oozes confidence but is not arrogant. Instead, they have a balanced level of assertiveness that gains them the respect of their peers and subordinates.

And if you do not have confidence naturally, fake it till you make it!

4. Great Communication Skills

Great Communication Skills

The best asset you can have as a leader is excellent communication. You need to convey your message in a way that resonates with others; to know how to talk to different people at different levels; to speak and communicate in a way that offers respect and gain respect back.

Unfortunately, nobody can be a good leader without great communication. Look at the best leaders in history; all of them can almost hypnotize people with their words.

5. Passion

Of course, good leader believes in their vision and are passionate about the lesson they are teaching. You need passion to inspire and motivate others. If you want your team to give you their all, you need to be passionate about what you are trying to achieve.

From your own experiences, you will also know that seeing the passion in others makes you naturally feel more passionate. Leaders face challenges along their journey to success. And you will need passion to keep going through the tough times.

6. Decision Making

If you are someone that struggles to make decisions – whether it is what film to watch or whether to go for a promotion – you may have difficulty being a leader. In times of adversity or confusion, leaders need to be able to make the right decision. Leaders think on their feet and make decisions in their stride to move the group forward.

In business, a good leader should always consult other stakeholders so that everyone stays in the loop. However, small day-to-day decisions that need a fast answer are your responsibility. If something goes wrong, you will also need to take accountability.

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7. Accountability


This leads us onto this key part of leadership: Taking accountability for your actions and sticking up for your team. However, while accepting your own accountability, it is important to ensure your subordinates are also held accountable when at fault. 

This should not be done negatively or aggressively; help them acknowledge their mistakes, accept them, and improve. This will help everyone feel responsible for the success of the team.

8. The Ability To Delegate

When you are passionate about achieving something, it can be hard to let go of the rails. Nobody can do everything on their own. So as a leader, you need to focus on key responsibilities while trusting your subordinates that they can take care of the rest.

Nobody likes a micro-manager, and overseeing every aspect of your operations does not leave you much time for your own tasks. Delegating task not only helps you but also helps you to build trust in your team and gives them responsibility and purpose. Of course, you need to ensure that your followers have all the resources they need to get the job done.

9. Innovation

For leaders, there is no finish line. There may be goals to achieve, but there is always something new to strive for.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, said, ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. If you want to get ahead in the ever-changing world, you need to be creative, innovative, and passionate. Innovation will help your team stand out from the crowd and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. If you can think outside the box, come up with new ideas, and nurture others to do the same, then you may be the next best good leader of your generation.

10. Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes, it is not about what is being said but more about what is not being said. A good leader must be able to read between the lines, and that’s where emotional intelligence comes in. You have to be able to connect with people on an emotional level to build trust and maintain engagement.

Leaders must be able to identify when their team is struggling or suffering and use their excellent communication skills to make them feel supported.


When you want to be a good leader, you first have to keep away from your ego. The egotist person is never going to achieve the leadership role. So, do you have what it takes to be a good leader?

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