Shaquille O’Neal’s unexpected journey into the world of investments began when, quite by accident, he stumbled upon a golden opportunity. As reported by TechCrunch, it all started when O’Neal, the renowned NBA legend, found himself dining at the Four Seasons, where an unexpected encounter changed the course of his financial portfolio.

While explaining the situation, he said

“I was at Four Seasons, I was eating lunch and there were four distinguished gentlemen sitting there playing with their kids, and the kids recognize me and they’re playing with me,”

It started with one of the high profile investors amid all those people initiated a conversation about Google, said the former NBA legend. He says –

“Basically, I’m doing a babysitting job, and one gentleman says ‘I want to talk about this company called Google,’ and just talking about search engines and ‘you’ll be able to type in anything,’ and I was like, ‘That sounds good.’ We had a meeting with them and it looked good, and I put some money in and I forgot about it.”

O’Neal did not care to look into his investment on Google until he stumbled upon a newspaper. He learned from one of the news articles that the investment he made on Google and forgot helped him earn a massive amount. Although he was gaining substantially from his investment in Google, he was only worried that he did not invest more. Now, Google is one of the top tech giants with a massive valuation of $1.714 trillion.

Shaq draws his inspiration from Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, and explains the truth about investment. He puts importance on investment that has a chance to improve people’s lives. Shaq also emphasizes the long-term effect of investment and its transformative abilities instead of just focusing solely on momentary returns through short-term investments. Shaq has currently invested in an AI-powered edtech platform called Edsoma. He has also invested in other popular companies like Apple, Ring, Google, and more.

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