Fast cash loans aren’t that easy to organize, particularly if you have a poor credit history or recently lost your job. That doesn’t seem fair when some people just need a few thousand dollars to get them out of a bind or to pay their own bills while they wait for their customers to pay them. Many people who need fast cash are tradies or small business owners who are suffering temporary cash flow problems and just need some quick money to tide them over a rough patch.

As we all know, trying to get short term loans from a bank can be near to impossible. Even if it can be achieved, banks make it into a long drawn out process, because they want to know everything about your life and you have to fill in a mountain of forms. In the end they can still refuse your loan.

Then there are the payday loans that will lend you a short term loan, but their interest rates and fees are so high that you end up in more debt than you anticipated.

So how do you get stress free fast cash loans?

The simple solution is to use your vehicle as to the security for a short term loan from The Asset Exchange. As pawnbrokers, they make it their business to give their clients short term loans on reasonable interest rates and in a time period that doesn’t lock you into a lifetime of debt. Their business model is very easy to understand; you hand over your vehicle as security and they hand you your short term cash loan. You pay the money back by the end of the loan period and get your vehicle back. No stress!

How do these fast cash loans work?

Unlike banks, The Asset Exchange doesn’t perform credit or employment checks, and they don’t care about your other expenses or how much money you have in the bank. They also don’t make you fill in a mountain of paperwork or charge you excessively high-interest rates. This means that you shouldn’t have any issues paying back the loan by the due date.

You get the fast cash loans you need when you need them and without the hassle and stress of trying to go through all the bureaucracy of the banks. The key to these short term loans is your vehicle, which can be a car, Ute, motorbike, 4WD, SUV, Jet Ski, and so on. The Asset Exchange assesses your vehicle and instantly approves a cash loan of up to 65% of your vehicle’s value. You get the money immediately and they hold your vehicle for the duration of the loan period.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who owns a vehicle can benefit from these fast cash loans. They are particularly suitable for tradies, small business owners, self-employed people, and sole proprietors who might have problems getting personal loans from their bank but have a spare car or toys in the shed. These loans are ideal if you want a short term loan because there’s no application forms or credit checks and you don’t need proof of income, trading histories, or reference checks. So if you want some fast cash, maybe it’s time to check out The Asset Exchange?

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