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Las Vegas, NV – IM Academy CEO and co-founder Christopher Terry hosted an exclusive mastermind meeting between IM Academy students and Bob Proctor, a motivational speaker and author of New York Times bestseller You Were Born Rich; entrepreneur and Dorm Room to Millionaire author Alex Morton; and Believe Nation founder David Imonitie to discuss the high achievers’ successful habits and principles. 

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Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill’s famed Mastermind Principle was the meeting’s theme. It states that when two minds come together, they create a third mind, the mastermind. During the 60-minute webinar, Terry, Proctor, Morton, and Imonitie discussed how budding entrepreneurs could jump-start their success with the right mindset and robust financial education from IM Academy.

 “I am constantly investing into myself in so many ways,” IM Academy CEO Terry told the audience. “When I was younger, I was willing to invest in myself and go through the struggles to associate with, and rub shoulders with the people that can make me better.”

Terry also shared a powerful concept that Proctor taught him. “Bob taught me the Law of Assumption. Assume the energy, the emotion, that you have it already. When you do that, you change your vibration, which ultimately changes your point of attraction, and you begin to attract the image that you want.” To which Proctor chipped in: “Assumption is believing something’s true without any proof.” 

Terry says the IM Academy mastermind group successfully brought together four people who have spent several years doing the same thing and getting very similar, winning results. 

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“[I’m] grateful to have done a call with the legend, Bob Proctor, alongside Alex and David. We talked about frequencies, changing your vibration, and how to improve your self-image. So much value was shared, and Bob, I just want to say thank you for sharing this information with us and teaching us how to get into the vibration necessary to attract what we want.”

The right vibration coupled with a premium financial education helps IM Academy students excel at creating a more stable financial future for themselves.

About IM Academy

IM Academy was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Chris Terry and Isis De La Torre. Terry, a former construction worker, began teaching his tricks of trading beginning in 1998. The student body of IM Academy enjoys an educational platform centered around financial literacy.

To date, more than 300,000 students and counting have enrolled in the academy. 

Not only the opportunity to learn from the industry’s finest, but you will also get more energy to win the race. The hardships and the learning materials are both going to help you and lead towards success. Case study learning is the best way to get more profound knowledge on the subject.

IM Academy is an online educational platform that is designed to teach individual statistics, opinions, and tips through the live classrooms method. These strategies are making it easier to understand Forex, digital currency, high frequency, and e-commerce markets like Shopify. Through the online financial education resource, students can learn market strategies from over 100 educators. Getting started is easy. Enroll in IM Academy today! And achieve the opportunity to learn from the best.

 What Are The Courses Offered By IM Academy?

IM Academy, which is also known as iMarketsLive or IM Mastery Academy, was founded by Christopher Terry and is headquartered in New York City. The company provides a variety of educational resources, tools, and training materials for individuals interested in learning how to trade in financial markets. Some of the key offerings provided by IM Academy include

1. Educational Content

IM Academy offers a range of training materials, including video lessons, webinars, and written resources, designed to teach individuals about trading strategies, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and risk management. You can join this academy, but before that, you need to prepare yourself to handle the courses easily mentally.

2. Live Training Room

The company provides access to live trading rooms where experienced traders share their insights and provide real-time trading recommendations. Be sure to exercise caution and seek independent financial advice if you decide to participate in financial trading or investment activities.

3. IM Academy Compensation Plan

IM Academy has a network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) component where members can earn commissions by referring others to the academy. This compensation plan has been a point of discussion and sometimes controversy.

IM Academy, short for “iMarketsLive Academy,” is a company that offers education and training in the field of financial trading and investing, particularly in the foreign exchange (Forex) and cryptocurrency markets.

4. Tools & Softwares

The company offers trading software and tools to assist members in their trading endeavors. You need to go through the courses and offerings that can make things easier for you to select your career in the right direction. You need to get through the course details to have a better idea of these courses with absolute ease.

It’s important to approach any financial education and trading-related service with caution. Trading in financial markets carries inherent risks, and it’s crucial to understand those risks before investing real money. Additionally, the business model and compensation structure of IM Academy, as with any MLM company, have been subject to scrutiny and debate.

Before becoming involved with IM Academy or any similar service, it’s advisable to thoroughly research the company, its offerings, and the experiences of current and former members. Be sure to exercise caution and seek independent financial advice if you decide to participate in financial trading or investment activities. Additionally, you may want to verify if there have been any developments or changes regarding IM Academy’s operations since my last knowledge update in September 2023.

Note: IM Academy is an educational forum for analyzing, learning, and discussing general and generic information related to markets and strategies. IM Academy does not offer individual recommendations or opinions. Each of the investment approaches is compared with the financial needs of a specific individual.

Most often, the traders are deciding to participate in the forex and other types of investments for the long or the short term. Before investing, you should carefully consider your investment target, policy, and objectives according to your level of experience and risk. Hence you cannot afford to lose the invested money.

Taking the individual adviser’s help is the easiest solution to the problem. You should take individually independent financial advice from the professionals. You can research and verify any information you find on the IM Academy website.

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