Bitcoin has gained everyone’s attention in the financial market when its value suddenly skyrocketed in 2017. At present, its value might have dipped a little, but its popularity has increased exponentially. And regular investors are thinking about getting into Bitcoin investment if they have not done that already.

But why are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin so popular? And how to invest in cryptocurrency? What are the benefits?

Surely, there must be many advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies, apart from the usual buy low and sell high model, which attracts more and more investors every day.

So, if you also invest in crypto, what are the advantages?

Let us find out below.

High security

High security

With the introduction of Bitcoin transactions, people also started knowing about different technologies like blockchain and mining. Each bitcoin transaction is stored in a public distributed ledger transparently. Both participating and nonparticipating users can see the Blockchains.

These are maintained miners capable of creating new Blockchains by solving complex computational issues that might require a considerable amount of computing. If any hackers try to interfere or corrupt the procedure, they would require control over 51% of the entire blockchain network.

It is indeed redundant and fruitless. Thus it can be confidently concluded that bitcoin is quite secured due to its indigenous network.

No third-party interference

Bitcoin operates on a peer-to-peer basis, which means it is free from any third-party interference. This is quite unlike the digital methods of transactions. It means the high cost associated with transaction fees would be cut down, and you will be able to do the business directly.

It will take away the hassles of paying any middleman, which can sometimes create a security issue. In many cases, it was seen that the untrustworthy middleman had affected the overall transaction negatively in various ways.

Low-level competition

Low-level competition

To date, only a few companies are in cryptocurrencies, the most popular one being Bitcoin. It has reached a wide range of audiences, which has made it quite challenging for another cryptocurrency to get a position on top.

Even though other cryptos too use similar blockchain technology, they have a long way ahead. As an investor, you will have to study lesser options and get the best one suiting your needs. The fewer competition would reduce your choices, but it would indeed lower your research time too.


Crypto investment has become quite popular of late. Investors have started recognizing the financial benefits that it offers. It indeed comes with a high exchange rate and valuation, which is beneficial for the finances. For example, in Australia, a survey in 2021 finds that a quarter (25%) of all Australians have owned crypto, according to YouGov research commissioned by Swyftx.

Even though cryptocurrencies have a fluctuating nature, it is undoubtedly the next big thing in investing. It has a high level of security with low transaction fees, which is increasing its popularity. Investors are now turning their focus from traditional gold and real estate investments and indulging more towards the crypto world. Are you?

It might come with a higher risk factor, but that can be justified given the ongoing experimental nature of the currency. Investors can offset the associated risk with the high returns that cryptos potentially offer.

Easy application

Easy application

Blockchain and mining need heavy computing capabilities and sophisticated hardware, but when it comes to investors, things are quite easy for them. The investors and users can do all the work by using an easy application with a user-friendly interface.

These applications are mostly compatible with all types of electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, making the work a lot easier. The entire transaction will occur through the dedicated crypto wallet with two sets of encrypted codes, which are securely stored offline.

Resilient to market inflation

Cryptos have a limited nature, and they are not like your traditional money. This means it will not get affected by inflation or any other fluctuations, unlike the other financial investment options. Their inflation-resistant nature can easily compensate for the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Growing acceptance

Many establishments have started using cryptocurrencies as a legitimate method of transactions instead of cash or credit. It does not have any transactional fees involved, even if they are used over international borders. This widens the investment pool of the cryptos like bitcoin in the global market.

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