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When it comes to departmental stores in the USA, Kohl’s departmental store chain is the second biggest in the USA. The biggest departmental store chain to succeed Kohl’s is Macy’s Inc. – purely in terms of overall sales and revenue. However, Kohl’s is famous in the USA because of Kohl’s Bills Pay – a cashless way to pay bills with credit!

This payment scheme is only available for loyal Kohl’s customers who shop from Kohl’s frequently. Therefore, if you are a loyal Kohl’s customer or wish to become one, it’s time to read this post.

What Is Kohl’s Bill Pay?

What Is Kohl’s Bill Pay?
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As the name suggests, Kohl’s Bill Pay is the best way for customers to pay bills received from Kohl’s stores. Here, Kohl’s Pay is the smartphone application you can use at counters to pay bills cashless and cardless!

You can only use this application to pay bills at Kohl’s stores. To do so, you need to download the Kohl’s Pay application and create your Kohl’s account using your My Kohl’s Card. After doing so, you can pay bills directly from this application. Therefore, there’s no need to stand in line anymore!

In addition to paying bills online using this app, you become eligible for various Kohl’s discounts and offers. First-time users will get a 35% discount on the total bill. This is a great benefit that other retailers and departmental stores do not provide.

What Is My Kohl’s Card?

What Is My Kohl’s Card?
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If you plan to buy products from Kohl’s stores, then you can buy them on credit as well. To avail of this benefit, you must be a Kohl’s Bill Pay user, along with having a MyKohl’sCard.

If you are a loyal Kohl’s customer, not only will you avail of benefits, but you have to do so in moderation. Yes, that’s right. You have a monthly cap on how much you can buy from Kohl’s in credit.

For most customers, this limit is set to $5,000 per month. However, this is only for premium members. Most members enjoy credit benefits up to $1,000. This functionality is pretty similar to what is offered by Cricket Quick Pay. How much you purchase from Kohl’s monthly determines this limit.

Additionally, if you pay credit dues using Kohl’s Bill Pay, you must pay an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 31%. However, this rate must be spent only if you carry forward your previous year’s dues.

Should You Pay Bills Using Kohl’s Bill Pay?

Should You Pay Bills Using Kohl’s Bill Pay?
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There are various excellent reasons why you should pay bills using Kohl’s Bill Pay. For first-time users, if you own a My Kohl’s Card, you will receive a 35% discount on your total bill. You can consider this as a welcome gift from Kohl’s!

Plus, there are various benefits and drawbacks of using the Kohl’s Bill Pay option from the Kohl’s application. I have listed most of them down below over here.


There are various advantages of using Kohl’sBill Pay. It includes benefits like:

  • You can get various offers and discounts from Kohl’s on your total purchase if you have a My Kohl’s Card.
  • You don’t need to bring your wallet when you shop at Kohl’s. You only need to bring your smartphone and scan the QR code at checkout using the Kohl’s App!
  • When you pay bills for the first time, you can get a flat 35% discount on your total bill if you have a My Kohl’s Card!
  • If you wajnt a refund, then you can use the Kohl’s App to request for a refund since all transactions are stored here!


There are various disadvantages of using Kohl’s Bill Pay. It includes drawbacks like:

How To Pay Bills Using Kohl’s Bill Pay?

How To Pay Bills Using Kohl’s Bill Pay
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It’s pretty easy to pay bills using Kohl’s Bill Pay. Go to any Kohl’s store, buy whatever you need, and go to the counter to pay the bill. However, before you take out your wallet to take out cash or your card, take out your phone instead!

Here’s what you need to do after you do so:

  1. Open the Kohl’s App.
  2. Navigate to Kohl’s Bill Pay option and tap on the option.
  3. Now, ensure that you see the Kohl’s bill that you received on the screen of the cashier. Next, scan the QR code on the bill using the Kohl’s App.
  4. Now, you must select a payment method. Here, select Kohl’s Wallet.
  5. Finally, tap on Approve Total.

That’s it! That is all you need to do to pay bills using Kohl’s Bill Pay! When you use this application, all your pending offers and discounts will be automatically applied to the bill if you wish to. If you want, you can save these discounts and offer coupons for later.

How To Get A Refund Using The Kohl’s App?

How To Get A Refund Using The Kohl’s App
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Since you will be making payments using the Kohl’s Bill Pay option in the Kohl’s App, al;l your transactions are stored here. To request a refund, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Kohl’s App.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon one the left.
  3. Here, navigate to Orders.
  4. Once a list of all your orders come here, tap on the one you wish to request a refund for.
  5. Now, click on the Request a Return option and proceed to follow the instructions on the screen.

No Cash? No Card? No Worries! The Kohl’s Bill Pay application has been pretty useful for regular Kohl’s shoppers. With the help of this app, you don’t need to carry your wallet anymore while shopping at Kohl’s. Simply scan the QR code at the billing counter with this app and make all pay online directly.

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