For many business owners, designing a logo is one of the most fun parts of the brand-building process. You get to flex your creative muscle while bringing your brand to life with a visual representation of its personality.

That said, while it’s true that logo design is exciting and fun, it’s also deceptively difficult. Making logo design errors is all too easy, and even the smallest mistakes can have disastrous effects.

But don’t worry, if you’re preparing to design a logo for your brand, we’ve got you covered. To learn a few of the most common mistakes made with logo designs and how to avoid them, just keep reading!

1. Subconscious Plagiarism

There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other brands and designers. In fact, it’s a great way to establish your own logo design ideas and determine what you like and don’t like in a logo.

However, you should never outright steal someone else’s design. We know you wouldn’t do it on purpose, but subconscious plagiarism is more common than you might think.

To avoid this, document all of your inspiration carefully. When you’re finished with the first draft of your design, compare it to the others you’ve collected to ensure that they’re not too similar.

2. Vague Design

When you’re designing company logos, you, of course, know the meaning behind every detail, but will your audience? Your brand personality should be apparent from the first time a customer views your logo.

When your logo lacks clarity, potential customers may be confused and this will harm your business in the long run. Using a tool like a logo maker, for example, can help you create a logo that is unique, simple and to the point. Looka has an AI logo maker that helps you bring your creative ideas to life.

3. Jarring Color Schemes

Among the most important elements of your design are your logo fonts and colors. Let’s talk about color first, as the colors you choose can make or break the final product.

Using color is a fantastic way to give your logo personality, but you have to convey the right personality. Brush up on your color psychology before you start to avoid sending a conflicting message.

4. Poor Font Choices

As for fonts, simplicity is key. The trick is to create simple logo designs that are still memorable and unique. Avoid overused typefaces like Times New Roman, but don’t fall into the other extreme and use absurd fonts like Comic Sans either.

In addition, never use more than two fonts in a single design, and make sure that the weight and spacing of the text allow it to be legible at any size.

5. Designing for One Medium

As technology advances, more and more people do their web browsing exclusively from their smartphones. Knowing that it can be tempting to design a logo that looks good on a phone screen and move on. This is a huge mistake!

When you’re working in your logo creator software, take the time to ensure that your logo will look just as great on a business card as it would on a billboard. Your design should work across all mediums.

Avoid These Logo Design Errors to Make a Good First Impression

From a top-notch customer experience to providing high-quality goods and services to putting your best foot forward on social media, a great deal goes into building a successful brand.

You have a lot on your plate, but you can’t allow your logo to fall through the cracks. The importance of avoiding logo design errors can’t be stressed enough!

Your logo acts as your customers’ first impression of your brand – an outstanding logo truly makes all the difference.

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Ariana Smith is an enthusiastic fashion blogger and freelancer content writer. She loves to write and share knowledge of the latest fashion trends, fashion, and shopping tips and tricks. She is the chief editor at FollowTheFashion.

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