The whole idea of master data management depends strongly on the business type. Provenly Gartner master data management has been always chosen to be the best one in the market. They are well known for their ideas of implementation of the data management styles.

One has to be careful while using the master data management styles because there are different types of styles and they depend on the kind of organization. The business has to be analyzed by the Gartner master data management body to decide which style of data management would be appropriate for one.

Master Data Management Parameters

Master Data Management

The businesses or the organizations or the companies that deal with innumerable data and information need to resort to a data management plan. It is very important for every such organization to maintain one clear such source which would make the work more systematic and organized. If you fail to understand the importance of the master data management sheet, then here are the parameters.

  • The quality of the data is improved
  • The data governance would be done sequentially
  • Huge data becomes manageable
  • Access to the data all across the company in various departments becomes easy

These parameters are of use to each and every organization but the ways to manage varies hence there are types of master data management. The Gartner master data management helps to develop and innovate business ideas playfully and in a better manner. Gartner master data management will help you get into the smooth process of handling the business successfully.

Registry Style

The Registry Style of the Gartner Master Data Management can be used to identify duplicate data. They run various cleansing algorithms available in various data management systems. Using this system one can spot the duplicate data and maintain the original sheet without making any notable changes that could hamper the data present in the sheet already. This style allows matching the original source of the data with the current value whenever you want.

Consolidation Style

The Gartner Master Data Management also offers the Consolidation style of data management. This is another widely accepted form of data management and it works very simply. Using this style one can consolidate data coming from different sources to one single sheet. By this method, the account of all the sheets can be kept together in the same place.

This system works in amazing sync if any changes are made in any portion of the sheet, the rest of the data in the entire sheet takes their required actions and makes the changes automatically. One will not have to make any changes manually in the whole sheet if any single change is required.

Coexistence Style

Unlikely this style is probably one of the best inventions of the master data management by Gartner.  The Co-existence Style is widely accepted and used all across the world. Unknowingly, big companies have seemed to like this style most. The record it maintains is also called the golden record because it is easy to manage and maintain.

Unlike the other styles, this style of master data management is much costlier than other forms. This management helps to maintain the data most appropriately but there is one drawback of this style. The data that has to be put in this style of management has to be put absolutely correctly.


As it has been told earlier that the type of master data management required for a business depends on the kind of business it is. It is advisable to check all the styles in detail and let Gartner determine your business type and then implement one of the styles accordingly.

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