What Is Net Credit Sales And How To Calculate It?

published on: October 7, 2021 last updated on: October 8, 2021
net credit sales

Growing a new business means a lot of hard work related to the account. And your account journal is proof that your business operations are going all okay and smooth. The revenue generation and the calculation of the expected profit margin are the primary operations related to the well-growing business.Net credit sales methods are helping you to know the exact amount of the sales credit and the daily sales turnover.

Let’s start with the definition of net credit sales

What Is Net Credit Sale?

What Is Net Credit SaleNet sales synonyms are hundreds in numbers. You can call the net credit sale as the business revenue. Net credit sales are the revenue that the company generates through its selling of services or goods. When an organization sells its goods or services to their customer and allows the customers to buy the goods on credit; hence this is the credit sales.

Net credit sales are different from cash on hands. The organization does not receive the cash they are dealing with the customers based on credit. And the company credit policy is determining the credit limit which your organization can offer. If your company credit policy is not well revised. The suspected customers are also going to take the goods in credit.

You may be thinking you will hire a good accountant for doing these works. But a minimum knowledge of the accounts and the net credit sales will help you make the new business policy to grow your company. Unless you maintain a perfectly written balance sheet, the net credit sales counting is almost becoming impossible. And without counting the net credit sales, your progress is impossible.

 Let’s see the net credit sales formula then how to perform the calculation part.

What Is The Formula Of Net Credit Sales?

The Formula Of Net Credit SalesCheck out the formula of net credit sales first.

Organization’s sales on credit – sales return – sales allowance = amount of net credit sales

This calculation will be more accurate when you maintain an accurate record of the cash transactions. You have to keep the cash sales in your accounting records.

Two types of sales returns are possible in the business one is entirely cashless based on the credit other one is with cash transactions. The cash transactions are easily countable, but the cashless is not.

To figure out the correct number of net credit sales, you have to subtract the allowance amount from the whole sales returns. Then when you are going again to remove the number from the crest sales, you will find the correct number of net credit sales.

Now see how to calculate net credit sales.

How To Calculate Net Credit Sales?

Calculate Net Credit SalesThe calculation to find the right amount of credit sales is an important task to grow your business. If you want to know how the net credit sales formula is going on. Then you have to understand the formula with the right example.

 Here is an example of how you can apply the formula to calculate net credit sales.

Suppose Company XYZ generates $100,00 amount of gross sales. Customers are paying $5,000 in cash. And customers are returning back the goods in the amount of $1,000.And the Company is issuing only $500 bucks for the returning goods. Then what will be the net credit sales amount?

If we are applying the formula, then we get

${100,00(gross sales)-5,000(cash sales)-1,000(sales return)-500(allowance)}=$3,500 net credit sales amount.

This is the most appropriate net credit sales on the balance sheet example. If you maintain your balance sheet, finding out the number of net credit sales will not be challenging.

When recording a credit card or debit card sales using the net method, the company will receive the cash minus the fee of the card processing company. In the credit and debit card bill, that processing charge is denoted. When you are going to calculate the net credit amount, you have to distinguish the cash and credit transactions. If your customers are going to pay you through credit or debit cards, you have to subtract the bank account processing charge from the net amount of the credit sales.

So this is the easiest process to calculate the net credit sales from the gross sales amount.

Disadvantages Of The Credit sales

Disadvantages Of The Credit salesSelling on credit is always a risky job. But when you have fixed customers, this process is going to be easy.

Here are a few advantages of credit sales.

  • Sometimes the company is going to lose revenue.
  • Company debts are counted as bad debts.
  • The company has to take the responsibility to collect the debts from the seller.
  • You have to maintain a department separately for the debt collection.
  • Increase the company’s interest payment which the company has to pay at the end of the year.

To recover from these types of problems, identifying the correct credit limit is the best way to avoid the loss of generated revenue. When you maintain the right amount of credit sales limit after the limit, you can not sell the goods based on the credit. So if you want to gain more profit, use the credit sales limit and try to make sales with cash transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions that we have scouted over the internet and answered to further clarify your queries.

1. Is Net Credit Sales The Same As Gross profit? 

Net sales are the deals that record specific changes made once the merchandise is sold. Net profit is the net benefit which is the business’s income minus the working costs and cost of merchandise sold.

2. How Do I Calculate Operating Profit? 

In order to calculate operating profit, this is the formula you have to apply.

Gross Profit-Operating Expenses- Depreciation-Amortization = Operating Profit.

3. Why Is Net Income Called The Bottom Line?

If you thoroughly check any company’s income statement, then the net income is found at the last line. It is because of its literary nature it is called a ‘Bottom Line.’

4. What Is Good Operating Profit?

The operating profit margin of a company is always determining how the company is growing in its capital. If the operating benchmark is more than 15%, then it is deemed to be a good company with steady growth.

Wrapping It Up:

Selling the items in credit is always a little bit riskier. But this is going to increase the number of customers when you are going to calculate the exact number of the net credit sales. Your next business planning and finding the credit limit is going to be easier. How are you going to calculate the net credit sales? Do not forget to share your opinion about the net credit sales.

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