Olectra Share Price 2022 – Present Price, Forecast, Statistics – Should You Invest In It In 2022?

published on: May 18, 2022 last updated on: May 24, 2022
Olectra Share Price

Olectra share price comes from Olectra Greentech Ltd. It’s the pioneer in insulators and electric bus manufacturing in India. The company’s mission is to support the environment that has led to a new phase of developing unique solutions for society. As a part of the business vision, Olectra embraced the growth trail into redefined, new age, green technology.

Current Price Of Olectra Share

The present Olectra Share Price, that is, on April 17, 2022, is 579.000 INR.

Prediction Of Olectra Share Price

Prediction Of Olectra Share Price

In order to evaluate the trend of Olectra Share Price forecast, a historical data evaluation is also needed. From the tables below, it’s possible to understand how Olectra Share Price will behave in the coming days.

1. Historical Data

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price

Source: https://walletinvestor.com/nse-stock-forecast/olectra-stock-prediction 

Analysis: It’s evident that from 26th April to 16th May, the Olectra share price has fallen down. This might be an indication of potential loss in the future although the overall health seems to be stable.

2. Predicted Future Data

DatePriceMin PriceMax Price

Source: https://walletinvestor.com/nse-stock-forecast/olectra-stock-prediction

Analysis: The dataset above is showing that from 18th May to 31st May, the Olectra Share price is expected to fall. Nevertheless, there are chances that the prices will rise again and outperform in the future.

52 Week High And Low Of Olectra Greentech Share Price

The 52 week high and low range of Olectra Stock Price is something that you must know while determining the feasibility of investment in it. The 52-week range basically shows the highest and lowest yearly trading range.

Check out the table below-

1. Historical Data

52 Week High941.2
52 Week Low166.1

2. Predicted Future Data 

52 Week High1186.580
52 Week Low604.236

Bullish Or Bearish?

Bullish Or Bearish Olectra

Source: https://walletinvestor.com/nse-stock-forecast/Olectra-stock-prediction 

Analysis: The above diagram elucidates that Olectra Share is Bearish in nature. This means that there is a lesser possibility that it would outperform in the market. Rather, in the coming years, it might experience a downward trajectory.

Olectra Stock Performance By 2027

Olectra Stock Performance By 2027

Source: https://walletinvestor.com/nse-stock-forecast/Olectra-stock-prediction 

Alysis: The bar diagram above is clearly showing that the Olectra Share Price NSE is going to uplift radically from May 2023 to May 2027. Within these 5 years, there is no chance of depreciation but there might be depending on the market conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The Olectra Greentech Ltd Share Price India Today?

The present Olectra Greentech Ltd Share Price, that is, on April 17, 2022, is 579.000 INR.

Q2. Will Olectra Share Price Go Up?

The Olectra share/stock price can go up from 579.000 INR to 1186.580 INR within a single year.

Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In Olectra Greentech Share?

Yes, according to Olectra Share Price news, the long-term earning potential is +104.94% in a single year.

Q4. What Will Be The Olectra Share Price In 5 Years (2027)?

Olectra future stock price would be 3493.710 INR by 5 years, that is, 2027.

Q5. Will Olectra Share Price Crash?

The Olectra Share Price won’t fall or drop in 2022; there is no such possibility as well.

Should You Invest In Olectra Share In 2022?

If you’re searching for a strong return on your investment, Olectra Greentech Limited might be a smart choice. On 2022-05-17, Olectra Greentech Limited is worth 580.300 INR.

The Olectra share price estimate for 2027-05-14 is 3318.150 INR, based on our forecasts of long-term growth. The revenue is estimated to be roughly +471.8 percent after a 5-year investment. In 2027, your present $100 commitment may be worth $571.8.

In case you have any queries, let’s meet in the comment area below.

Disclaimer: Respected Readers, the Olectra Share price facts, and the data we presented above are all assumptions. All the data refers to those present on the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might be different on the basis of the market situation. Please note that share/stock prices are subject to market risks. Read all the documents and examine them carefully before investing.

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