Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment – What Do You Mean By This?

December 1, 2021

origin post is preparing shipment

It is quite obvious to feel furious when you see ‘origin post is preparing shipment’. It means your package has been sidelined, as simple as that.

But it’s not just you, the USPS customers are getting ‘origin post-shipment preparing’ all the time because of the large amount of mail moving every day across countries.

USPS can get worse, they don’t really come clean with this status that says ‘origin post is preparing shipment’. They don’t even entertain the customer by answering their queries for not having to deal with this issue anymore. They actually hide it from us.

This is the main issue we will talk about here in this article. Don’t stress out if you get ‘origin post is preparing’ because you are not alone. So let’s get right into the issue.

What Does Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment Mean?

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment Mean

The message ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ means that the items were supposed to be delivered by USPS.

Recently tracking info was built for them which is usually scanned into the system, the originating post which is the jump-off point of those packages.

It is getting ready to get the shipment moved through USPS infrastructure. Sometimes, by mistake this message ‘origin post is preparing shipment‘ can be a bit of a catchall.

The post office will not let you know what is going on, rather they will use these messages for different reasons.

Therefore all you can do is sit tight and wait for your package to arrive because you cannot do anything about it. 

Why Is My Package Under Preparing For Shipment?

My Package Under Preparing For Shipment

As mentioned before there are no particular reasons for getting the origin post is preparing shipment messages, and also is used for many reasons. You have nothing to do with the issue that you are facing, nor do the people who have released your package.

If you get the message that says the origin post has been preparing a shipment for a long time, you must know some of the reasons that might be happening with your package.

1. Too Much And Bumped Up Packages

There is some common reason behind getting this origin post is preparing shipment message. The message is when they track their packages with the amount of it flows and the USPS handles it. Transportation needs to be fixed beforehand the package flow. Usually, it has to be a flight.

It might happen that your package got mixed with other packages and got on the previous one on a later flight, rather than your actual flight.

It means your package is with USPS for hours or sometimes for days. 

2. Transportation Problems

You can also get these messages. The origin post is preparing shipment because of natural hazards like if there is a storm your flight will get delayed.

It can be anything, lighting storms, rainstorms, tropical storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and whatnot.

It can also happen due to fueling shortages. These reasons can actually frustrate you with the origin post of preparing a shipment message, and you cannot do anything about it. Inclement weather can do this.

3. Pallet Removal

Your packager is all on its own. The previous time where your package was free is when it got received by the USPS postal workers or mail carriers, who took it from you in the first place.

Then it is immediately packed with other packages and starts moving in the same direction via USPS shipping infrastructure.

The packages are wrapped and stitched to a pallet so they can be moved in USPS facilities in a fast way.

Sometimes these packages get unwrapped by themselves, it doesn’t have to be yours. To start over again takes uptime, and that is why it gets delayed.

As long as your package has a pallet, it will be moved from the flight it was supposed to get on, then packed again and again in the queue for a new flight.

4. Arrival Scan Issue

This is a reason where the USPS forgets to scan the package’s arrival, but it doesn’t happen that frequently. Actually, it is quite impossible to have that happen.

It means that your packages are in motion, and that is the only update they can give to you, you won’t get to know anything else until the package gets an updated scan.

Someone might absolutely forget about your package and scan it. But your package keeps moving through USPS with halting anywhere.

You won’t know anything about it until one day you find it outside your doorstep, that’s how unpredictable things are.

How Long Will The Package Be Stuck?

How Long Will The Package Be Stuck

This question has no meaning, as there are no such answers that will relieve you from the stress of your package getting stuck.

Most of the time people at USPS don’t know what is going on with your packages. Most of the time you will have to accept that there are days to wait for these two to four days.

1. Reach USPS Customer Support


This is the toll-free number that you call to reach them. You can so look for online chat tools that generally are on the website of USPS.

The customer service is very good, and they are helpful. After you tell them your issue they get the frustration that is in play.

They will try to help you as much as possible and quickly. Try the delivery tracking hotline. You might get your luck.

Contact them on 1-800-222-1811.

2. Reach The Shipping Person Too

Lastly, you should also contact the person who is with your package, because they might know what situation your package is in. Most of the time they will be of no use to you.

And sometimes if your luck is in a good place then they might contact the USPS office for the shipping details and help you out.

The people are very nice and they will do everything to help you out at any cost. But you will also have to understand their situation when they come up with no solutions


This article has probable reasons and helpful solutions when you are notified of the “origin post is preparing shipment” message.

There are lots of ifs and buts in this topic, and most of them are based on luck. We are not sure if the solutions are going to work but it’s worth coming up with some right?

Leave a comment down below in the comment box, if you found this article of help.

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