Outdoor Workspace Will Benefit Your Business

As a result of the pandemic, there has been a considerable shift away from traditional working environments. While this first started due to necessity, it has remained as people have become aware of the advantages of working more flexibly.

This transition to less corporate environments has opened the opportunity to become more creative, making the possibility of working from an outdoor space more feasible.

Benefits Of Working Outside

Working outside comes with a whole host of perks.

Firstly, it is no secret that being outside is beneficial for mental health. From improved mood to increased confidence, spending time in a green space is a fantastic way to care for your mental health. Not only is it mentally beneficial, but it is also great for your physical well-being too.

Feeling less stressed and generally happier will have a knock-on impact on productivity, allowing employees to be more focused on the task at hand. This is great for both job satisfaction and overall company output.

Companies are now not just concerned with profit but are also increasingly focused on sustainability. An outdoor workspace can help boost your green credentials and allow you to create an ecosystem for local wildlife.

What To Keep In Mind

Despite all the pros of working outdoors, it isn’t as simple as putting a desk outside and hoping for the best. There are lots of elements to consider if you are to set up a successful space.

Privacy – working outdoors naturally has far less privacy than working in an office. This might not suit your business if you are dealing with confidential information, or if your team is going to feel compromised. This can easily be managed by ensuring your workspace is adequately fenced, giving it a dedicated zone.

Power & Wi-Fi – as enjoyable as working outside can be, it is unlikely to be possible without access to power and sufficient Wi-Fi. While the obvious choice may be to use an extension cord from indoors, this can look cluttered and create a serious trip hazard. Therefore, you may want to invest in one or multiple power banks and a Wi-Fi range extender to allow for seamless outdoor working.

Weatherproofing – sadly weather will not always be on your side when it comes to working in the great outdoors. If it is raining, chances are you won’t be able to use the space, however, it is unlikely that you will be removing the furniture every day, so weatherproof fittings are essential. As well as the rain, you need to consider the temperature and whether a heater will be required. When it is sunny, glare might prevent you from working on your laptop, an issue that can be managed easily by adding anti-glare screen protectors to your devices.

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