10 Personal Finance Blogs You Need to Follow

published on: March 18, 2019 last updated on: May 13, 2021

The number of bloggers has been on the rise and the personal finance niche has not been left behind. However, like the other niches, you should not follow Personal Finance Blogs blindly. You need a blogger who is an authority figure in the industry. The blogs you are following should be highly informative. The reason is that you need content that will add value to your life. Several individuals globally are struggling with the issue of managing their finances. One of the best solutions to this problem is following personal finance blogs. You need a website that will give you practical tips on how to improve your financial life. Here are the 10 personal finance blogs you need to follow.

Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs

1. Manevator

The motivator is a great blog if you wish to stay on the top of the pile. The author of this blog is ‘The Investor’ Mark Donald and also ‘The Accumulator.’ This blog provides a wide range of tricks on how to grow money and make savings.  Don’t expect to get the ‘get rich schemes’ on this platform but you will come across several posts from the process of finding your monevation and latest news on investment. Besides, Monevator has a great tool that you can use to compare brokers to put your mind around the maths.

2. The Money Shed

Jon Guttteridge created this blog way back in 2014. The website begun as a forum to help people make money online.  The money Shed has thousands of followers and some of the topics they post include ways of earning cash online. The content entails selling items online, beginner tips, how to enter competitions and make money. It has a section that is dedicated to savings. You will find amazing tips on how to budget and save money.

3. The Money Principle

Maria Nedeva transformed her personal money management endeavor into the famous Money Principle blog that can help individuals to pay off their debts and also turn their financial life around. It is among the Personal Finance Blogs you should be following. What makes it fun is that it covers everything from how to get your head around investments to tips on increasing your income. It also has some helpful tools that readers can use such as the retirement calculator and the monthly budget planner.

4. Money Bulldog

The author of this personal finance blog is Adam Buller way back in 2012. The primary role of this website was to assist individuals who were struggling with their finances after the great financial crisis. Adam Buller has a background of finance and has a lot of experience in writing blogs on how to budget for your family, increase your net worth, and get out of debt. The platform has several tips on  how to make savings. Some of them include how to use money echo to save money and buying on eBay.

5. Skint Dad

Skint Dad is a new entry in the top Personal Finance Blogs and was created by a couple, Ricky & Naomi Wills. The platform was launched in 2013 when this husband and wife shared their view on how to be financially better off and save money. It updated readers about the latest cashback schemes and offers. You will also come across tips about eating cheaply and create money from competitions. This personal finance blog also has helpful sections on saving and managing money. It also teaches you how to be careful with household bills and a helpful jargon buster.

6. Finance Girl

Julie Cheung is a Manchester-based blogger who has a lot of passion for personal finance management and author of the leading blog ‘Finance Girl.’ She begun this blog as a way of documenting her financial journey and as she continued learning about finances, she begun to share her thoughts about alternative investments, ideas on savings, and everything about money. This blog has several helpful tips from how students can afford creature comforts to the best places in Manchester to buy or let.

7. The Young Money Blog

The author of this blog was Lona Bain in 2011. Its objective was to assist the young generation to become savvier with their personal finances. From that time, Lona has grown into a big name in the personal finance blogs world. She appears in ITV Tonight and BBC Radio 4. You will also get her speaking at several events and conferences and her goal is to educate the young generation about personal finances. Apart from creating the award-winning ‘The Young Money Blog,’ Lorna is also the publisher of the book ‘Spare Change’ that was ranked among the top 5 feminist books of 2016.

8. Debt Camel

Debt Camel also falls among the personal finance blogs you need to be following. Sara Williams created this blog in 2013 and she shared her personal experience while working as a debt advisor. She was working at her Local Citizens with individuals who have worries with money. Sara Williams uses a jargon-free method to offer debt solutions and information. She has a user-friendly blog for people who have several questions on how to handle their debts.

9. Magical Penny

The fonder of magical Penny was Adam Piplica and he begun this blog in 2007 a few months before the financial crisis. His primary objective was to assist individuals to grow pennies into pounds. The blog challenges the thought that investments are a preserve of the rich by making them accessible to everyone. Adam trained as a financial advisor and was keen to learn everything about money. He has turned his passion into a successful personal finance blog you can think about.

10. Miss Thrifty

Karyn Fleeting is the author of Miss Thrifty and he brings personal finance and lifestyle advice together in a single blog. Karyn is always looking out for bargain and Miss Thrifty has several discounts that you will not want to miss. She will also advice you on how to grow your money. You will find some practical tips like saving for your mortgage deposit to how to make brown parcel paper to stand out. This author uses a light-hearted design in making personal finance fun.

It is good to follow all these personal finance blogs if you want to gain financial freedom. These blogs cover different topics and personal experiences and hence you stand a big chance to benefit from all of them.

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