5 Things You Should Consider When Picking Best Preschool

published on: March 30, 2022 last updated on: March 14, 2023
Best Preschool

Making decisions about your child’s welfare can be difficult. There’s no doubt that every parent wants the best for their kid, and one vital decision you’ll have to make concerns selecting a preschool for your kid. 

The institution your child attends will establish the academic foundation they’ll have throughout their life. 

There are many preschools that you can enroll your kid in. But if you want to get them the best one, like Lorna Whiston preschool, you need to do your homework carefully. This article highlights five things you should consider when searching for a preschool in Singapore for your kid.

The Staff

The teachers and support staff of a school play a significant role in kids’ education. Good preschools should have teachers who know how to interact with students appropriately. When talking to the kids, they get down to their eye level and hold meaningful conversations with them, showing that they’re interested in what the learners are saying.

You can also know that the teachers in school care by looking at their actions. If you see them smiling, hugging, laughing, and giving high fives to the learners, the chances are they are concerned about their welfare, and the love for teaching is shining through their actions. 

Additionally, You can know that the staff loves the school if they’ve stayed there for some years and are well-trained to handle situations that might arise and give solutions that are in the kids’ best interest.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is one of the most important things to consider when picking a preschool Singapore. It should be age-appropriate and contain materials that challenge learners’ minds.

It should also cover all areas of development, including physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language, to ensure your kid gets a balanced education during their stay at school. On top of that, it should focus on hands-on activities to enable the young students to immerse themselves fully in learning.

 Schools with such activities don’t let kids sit down and fill their books all day but engage them in dancing, moving blocks, listening to music, and other activities.

Moreover, you should check if the school has any special programs to accommodate learners with special needs or learning difficulties. 

The best schools should help these students with reading math and have separate classes to accommodate their needs. If you have a child who has special needs, it’s vital that they get extra attention at school to ensure that they don’t fall behind. You can also check whether the school has an out-of-school program for kids with such challenges.

The School Environment

The environment at a preschool is just as crucial as its curriculum. The staff should be friendly and welcoming, and the physical environment should be clean, safe, and well-maintained. If you’re not sure whether a preschool is right for your child, you can ask to observe one of their classes before deciding.

 If you find that they have big rooms that offer kids enough space to move around, and the walls are full of learners’ creations, pictures, and innovations, you’re in the right place.

Behavior Management

Discipline should be a key element in any good preschool. The institution should have clear behavioral guidelines stating how students should behave and interact with the teachers and learners. 

These behavioral guidelines should be reinforced by a set of rewards, punishments, and teacher control to restrict the limits of freedom the children can have. It is also crucial that these rules don’t conflict with what’s taught at home to make parents feel confident about enrolling their children in school.

A preschool should also have a clear outline that defines what to do if a student misbehaves. This could be engaging them in dialogue and reminding them of the school guidelines.

 Discipline is necessary because it provides order for both students and teachers alike, leading to an effective learning environment without distraction or disruption from other pupils’ negative behavior patterns.


A preschool’s reputation is significant, as it can make or break the school. If students are happy with their experience at the institution, they will recommend it to other families,  leading to a snowball effect that increases enrollment numbers. 

However, if students are unhappy with what they’re experiencing, they may spread negative rumors about the school. They might tell their parents how much work they’re given little freedom, and how boring or uninteresting the teachers are. This can put other children off from enrolling in the institution.

A good school should have a good name within the community. From what the learners’ parents and community members say from the school, you can know whether the kids there are unhappy, the teachers are experienced, and the curriculum is engaging.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right school for your child may be difficult, but it’s definitely worth doing some research into. Hopefully, these tips will guide you when looking for a perfect school for your young one.

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