To record or not to record, that is the question. Cameras in the workplace bring lots of positive aspects, but that is not to say there aren’t drawbacks. There are many areas to explore when deciding whether your workplace would benefit from a commercial security camera installation in San Francisco.

The Pros

The first area where cameras are superior is in the recall. Eyewitness testimony is not reliable. When cameras are installed, if something would happen in your business, you don’t need to rely on people’s ability to recall details or their ability to ignore bias.  Cameras have perfect recall. 

Also to consider, your camera doesn’t blink or take a day off, so if a crime would happen while there is no one working, rest assured your commercial security cameras are there to see the perpetrator.

Another area to think about is that accidents happen. No matter what the scenario is, most business owners want to know the truth.  Even when a crime isn’t involved, sometimes a situation needs to be reviewed to make a decision on the next steps. Consider if someone receives an injury at work or an expensive piece of equipment is damaged. 

Most people tend to have their own interests in mind and they may not want to be as forthcoming with all of the information needed to discover what happened. A commercial security camera installation will assist with a full understanding of the issue and how to address it.

The last positive area to be discussed here, although many more exist, is that of deterrents. The mere presence of security cameras can perpetrate their namesake by causing more security. A business may even consider a security camera installation like that of insurance, an essential component of their business that they hope they never need to use. 

However, if something were to happen where an unblinking set of eyes was needed, it would be better to have the peace of mind that a recording of the incident is available for review.

camera installation

The Cons

A security camera can give off the wrong impression. When focused on workers in the workplace, a camera can create an environment lacking privacy or leave workers with a feeling that you may distrust them. 

This type of environment could possibly have a negative effect on the ability of your workers to complete their tasks. This environment can even lead to more complaints and issues if not dealt with properly. This leads to another con below.

One area where care needs to be taken is in the implementation and use of a camera setup. A security camera installation that is not properly disclosed or is installed in improper areas could lead to unwanted and unnecessary litigation.

Always consult a reputable company familiar with video recording laws of San Francisco and California. There are laws that protect workers’ privacy and an employer may even need to get the consent of all parties involved before being able to install said security cameras.


Although we have covered only a few pros and cons in the debate on whether to record or not, there are still many other areas to consider that pertain to your specific business and your use of a commercial security camera installation in San Francisco.

The decision will ultimately be yours, but a properly installed and disclosed security camera installation tends to lean on the side of more benefits than detriments. 

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