Discussing The Pros And Cons Of Utilita Energy

July 28, 2023

Pros and Cons of Utilita Energy

When looking for the ideal Utility Provider, you need to weigh the pros and cons. You must evaluate the company’s good and bad aspects before choosing one to supply your gas and energy needs.

If you are wondering where to find this information, you can view flexible energy purchasing options from an online comparison website to help you make your final decision.

In this article, we will look at Utilita Energy and weigh out their pros and cons as energy suppliers.

What Is Utilita Energy?

Utilita Energy is a Pay-as-You-Go Energy Supplier. They specialize in prepayment accounts supplying over 750,000 customers in the UK.

Prepayment means that customers pay for their energy use in advance or top up their meter and watch how much energy they actually use.

Offering 13 different tariffs, which have gas and electricity, and dual options. 90% of their customer base is on their Smart Energy tariff, which comes with a smart meter installed. This tariff charges two different unit prices for power.

Unit Rate 1 is for the first 2 kWh of energy used, while unit rate 2 is for all the energy used afterwards.

The rates are based on payment methods. Clients who use a debit/credit card will get a better deal than those who choose to use prepay meters.

Utilita Energy Tariffs

These are the 13 different tariffs that Utilita Energy offers. All of these tariffs have zero exit fees.

  1. Smart E7 Credit
  2. Smart E7 Prepayment
  3. Smart Energy Credit
  4. Smart Energy Prepayment
  5. Premium E7 Credit
  6. Premium E7 Prepayment
  7. Premium Energy Credit
  8. Premium Energy Prepayment
  9. Freedom Energy Prepayment
  10. My Time Credit
  11. My Time Prepayment
  12. My Time Basic Credit
  13. My Time Basic Prepayment

Pros And Cons Of Utilita Energy

Its unique feature is that its standard tariffs exclude standing fees. This means you do not pay if you do not use energy. However, the downside is that the price per unit would be higher than those of other utility energy suppliers.

They install smart meters for free and encourage the use of clean, green renewable energy.

After their first rate, they also offer a smart saver rate with their smart energy package. Their first-rate is 50p of energy per day, and after the first 50p, the Saver Rate will kick in and give you cheaper energy during the day but reset at midnight.

They have great customer service, with an average response time of four and a half minutes. Customers are satisfied with their timely response.

They have also incorporated renewable energy into their services to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Pros Of Using Utilita Energy

Here is a list of pros that Utilita Energy has to offer:

  • Paying only for what you use
  • Customers do not have to pay for estimated bills but only for the energy they have used.
  • Quick and easy payments
  • Customers can use the top-up method and pay their bills from home.
  • The top-up method can be done via the mobile app, online, by calling Utilita, or even from a local PayPoint store.
  • Useful home display
  • Customers can monitor their energy supply using a smart meter.
  • Emergency credit
  • Another positive aspect of using Utilita Energy is that it has emergency credit. This means that customers will never be without an energy supply, even if they do not have credit.
  • If you are struggling to top up, a £15 emergency credit can be used. Utilita Energy ensures that customers have energy between 2 pm-10 am, even if they run out of credit.

Power Up Feature

Utilita allows customers to borrow some credit if they run out. For gas, customers can get up to £30, and for electricity, £20.

They are also not charged with interest, and customers can decide how they want to pay it back.

No Cancellation Fees

Customers do not have to pay cancellation fees. If you feel like making a utility provider switch, there are no cancellation or exit fees involved with Utilita Energy.

This means that customers can end their contracts when they want to without worrying about waiting a certain number of days or for their contracts to expire first.


Although there are no actual negatives to using Utilita Energy as an energy provider, you need to remember that the costs will be higher per unit rates because they do not include exit and cancellation fees.

However, the perks of only paying for what you use, being able to cancel your contract at any time, having access to an emergency credit option, and even being able to lend credits from your utility provider without having to pay back interest is one of the reasons Utilita Energy is the leading prepayment energy provider in the UK.

Be sure to compare these positives to other utility providers to find which one fits your energy needs best.

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