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It is the responsibility of every American citizen to pay taxes. At times the burden may feel challenging, but it is necessary as it ensures our nation remains functional and efficient in all its operations.

The most common form of tax is the income tax, in which every citizen pays a portion of their income as tax. Depending on the amount of money an individual earns, income tax varies from 10% for low-income earners to 37% for people with larger incomes.

Below are five reasons why you should pay your taxes

1. Nation’s Defense

Nation's Defense

America has a lot of enemies that would like to attack it and see it fall. The country has to ensure it adequately protects its citizens and resources from external harm. The government does this through the various arms of the military.

The military requires a lot of personnel and equipment to ensure it is prepared for any outcome compromising the nation’s peace. Your tax dollars provide the government with the money to facilitate the production and purchase of the best equipment.

The world is quickly changing, and the government has to stay ahead of the terrorists. It must ensure its technology is steps ahead of any technology a foreign enemy may have. Your taxes are the only way the nation can stay on top of things.

2. Income Security

Income Security

The nation functions and moves forward by working together and caring for each other. Some of our citizens may be in a position that prevents them from earning a living. In such conditions, individuals cannot provide themselves with basic human needs such as food and shelter.

The government’s income security budget provides money to those without jobs. The people who get this assistance include the unemployed and military retirees.

Your taxes will ensure a person fired from their job can still afford to feed, clothe, and shelter their family. They will also provide for the basic needs of people who dedicate their lives to serving the nation once they retire.

3. Elementary, Secondary, And Higher Education

Our children are the future. We have to ensure their education is taken care of in a comprehensive manner. The state government educates our children through our public elementary & secondary schools, public colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions.

Your taxes provide the government with the necessary finances to educate our children and prepare them for the future.

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4. Infrastructure


We need an operational infrastructure in the country. The construction of these structures requires a lot of money. The government uses your taxes to build new roads and bridges and maintain the existing ones.

Ensure you declare all your income to facilitate the country’s development. Include income from other sources, such as gambling, by filing Form 1096.

5. Health Services

The government ensures there are sufficient health services within the country. It does this by constructing public hospitals and employing qualified medical professionals. Your taxes make these services possible.

Take Away

Your taxes allow the nation to function. Without them, the country would be unable to protect itself and provide for the fundamental needs of its citizens.


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