Ridge Wallet Review: Is Ridge Wallet Worth It In 2024?

published on: April 3, 2023 last updated on: December 28, 2023
Ridge Wallet

Wallets and watches are two of the most precious wearables that a man can own. Watches help you keep time, while wallets help you keep money. Therefore, ever since their existence,e they have outgrown their simple uses and become fashionable accessories. Regarding the fashionable and functional aspect of wallets, the Ridge Wallet sure does walk a fine line in between.

This is a wallet that I got to know about from a friend of mine. Exactly a year ago, I decided to buy one and review it. However, due to various reasons, I was not able to. Therefore, after using it for a year, I can finally share my experiences with you all.

Continue to read my review of this wallet down below.

Ridge Wallet Specifications

The primary specifications of the Ridge Wallet are:

MaterialsAluminum, Carbon Steel, Titanium, Damascus
Dimensions3.4” (Length) x 2.1” (Height) x 0.2” (Depth)
Weight50 grams to 100 grams (depending on material)
Manufacturing CountryChina
Return PolicyReturn within 45 days
Price (2024)$75 to $210
Ridge Wallet Popular

Many features of the Ridge Wallet have made it popular in the last few years. Some of its most appealing features are:

1. The Ridge Concept

A versatile substitute for a large bi-fold and a small minimalist wallet has been found in the Ridge Wallet. The usual wallet, often known as Costanza Wallet, is overstuffed with worn-out receipts and pointless cards, looking more like luggage than a wallet.

The inbuilt track expands to enable you to handle very few or as many cards as you want while avoiding the bulk of a conventional folding wallet. The Ridge Wallet streamlines and streamlines your daily carry.

2. Integrated Expandable Track

The Ridge Wallet has an “integrated track” comprised of a robust elastic track placed into a piece of metal plating. To prevent anything from unintentionally falling from the bottom of both the wallet, the track’s “T” shape attaches cards out from the bottom in addition to the sides.

It may extend to fit several cards or can hold one card tightly. The material used to make the track is firm and springy and has passed several strength tests. Whenever the cards are withdrawn, it contracts to store cards securely and can extend to accommodate up to 15 cards.

3. RFID Blocking

Radio Frequency Identification (RIF), which enables wireless “swiping,” is a feature that is showing up on more and more credit cards. The system is fundamentally susceptible, as wireless identity theft is easy to perpetrate.

To wirelessly collect credit card details off RFID-enabled cards in your wallet, a portable, covert scanner is all that is required. This practice is known as “skimming.” When fully installed, the Ridge Wallet has aluminum plates that prevent RFID from working, protecting your data.

You may use the convenience of RFID-enabled cards without running the danger of being compromised by giving the cards a brief push with your finger.

What Are The Different Types Of Ridge Wallets?  

There are different types of ridge wallets that you must know before using them. Now, among other types of ridge wallets, some of the popular ridge wallets among them are as follows:-

  • Hennessey Performance 23 the current price of it is $150.
  • Gunmetal’s current price is $95.
  • Carbon Fiber 3K, its current price is $140.
  • Smokey Bear 1944’s current price is $125.
  • Royal Black’s current price is $95.
  • Tobacco Brown Leather’s current price is $125.
  • Alpine Navy’s current price is $95.
  • Black Damascus’s current price is $195.
  • Burnt Titanium’s current price is $125.
  • Matte Gunmetal Titanium’s current price is $110.
  • Matte Olive’s current price is $95.

These are some of the best Ridge wallets and their current market prices. All the variants explained here are the best of their kind. You can buy any of the variants as per your choices to meet your goals with absolute ease.

How To Use Ridge Wallets?

You must follow certain simple steps to make the perfect use of the Ridge wallets. Some of the essential steps you need to follow here are as follows:-

1. Gather Your Essentials 

Ensure you have the essential cards and cash you need for your daily activities. Common items include credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, driver’s license, and a small amount of cash.

2. Insert Cards 

Ridge Wallets typically have two plates made of metal or carbon fiber held together with elastic bands or screws. To insert your cards, follow these steps:

a. Slide the cards into the wallet between the plates. You can fit several cards, usually up to 12, depending on the wallet’s design and the thickness of your cards.

b. Push the cards down to secure them in place. The elastic bands or screws will hold the cards firmly between the plates.

3. Organize Your Cards  

Arrange your cards in the order of your preference, with the most frequently used cards at the top or front for easy access.

4. Cash Placement

Fold and insert a few bills of cash between the cards or place them in a designated cash strap or clip, if your Ridge Wallet has one. Ensure the cash is flat and secure.

5. Close The Wallet 

Once your cards and cash are in place, close the Ridge Wallet by either folding it if it’s a bifold design or using the secure closure mechanism (like an elastic band or screws) to keep everything in place.

Ridge Wallet Review: My Personal Experience Using It

I used the Ridge Wallet for a year. Here is a brief description of my personal experience using it.

The most important thing that I liked about the Ridge Wallet is the fact that it’s made of high-quality metal. This makes it sturdy as a diamond, making it nigh indestructible, in my opinion.

I loved its compact design, which made everything fit in perfectly. Since this is made with metal, it doesn’t fatten up like typical wallets filled with cash and cards.

However, one of the major cons of using this wallet that I faced was seeing m,y cards getting scratched. Even though it can store up to 12 cards, keeping them al together in the same space causes friction between them, leading to scratches.

Another aspect of the Ridge Wallet that bugged me was its carry space. It was not as spacious on the inside as I expected it to be.

What Customers Have To Say About The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet

Most Ridge Wallet customers have positive things to say bout this metal wallet. Here are some customer testimonials that I read on the Ridge Wallets website:

The Best Wallet

“The best metal wallet I’ve ever owned. From the unique design to the fit and finish of the product, I am thoroughly impressed with the Ridge.” – Charles.

Highly Recommend

“I got my husband this Ridge wallet for his birthday, and he loves it. It’s slim and keeps his plastic cards and cash organized. We highly recommend.” – Kathy.

Small And Comfortable

“My whole life, I have had a large wallet in my back pocket that affected sitting and driving. Now I have everything that I need in my Ridge. It’s the perfect slim and comfortable RFID-blocking wallet that fits in my front pocket.” – Joseph.

Top 10 Ridge Wallet Alternatives  

Of course, you can go for the different premium products from Ridge Wallet. Here are a few selected alternatives that you should consider. Whether you are looking for alternatives or want more options, you should pay attention to these ten options. Here, check them out –

1. Django D01 Dapper Wallet

Try the D01 Dapper Wallet, a sleeker and more streamlined version of the original D01 Tactical Wallet. This new version places a greater emphasis on aesthetics than tools since the multi-tool versatility of the D01 is different.

Django D01 Dapper Wallet 

This wallet keeps the same small profile as the T01 while sporting crispier contours that appeal to professionals. If you don’t require the tactical wallet’s rugged appearance, this wallet is for you.

The D01 is similar to the Tactical Wallet in that it can contain more than 12 cards, weighs little over 2 ounces, and maintains a slim profile even when holding 6 or more cards. It is equipped with RFID-blocking software and a chassis constructed of long-lasting 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. Moreover, it is US-made and backed by a lifetime warranty.

2. Trayvax Element Wallet

Adding the bare or black titanium metal frames creates an intriguing fusion of the beautiful and functional.

The Element has built-in utilities like a money clip and a bottle opener that you’ll really use. It is American-made and has established itself as a standard among outdoor enthusiasts looking for equipment to keep up over frequent and extended outings.

Trayvax Element Wallet  

This wallet weighs 5 pounds, more than some of its rivals. However, those who like the minute details and precision will be okay with the extra weight.

The Element will only work if you want a lightweight, ultra-minimalist wallet. However, if you wish for a scuffed-up leather and metal combination that rolls with the punches, it will.

3. Secrid Slim Wallet

The Secrid Slim Wallet focuses on both style and security. It has a card protector that fans out your cards at the click of a button, providing RFID protection and a sleek aluminum case.

4. Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet:

Bellroy is known for its slim and minimalist designs. The Slim Sleeve Wallet is crafted from premium leather, offering a slim profile while still providing ample space for cards and cash.

5. Ekster Parliament Wallet

Ekster’s Parliament Wallet features a card-slider mechanism for quick access to your cards, RFID protection, and a premium leather finish. It also has a tracking card option to help locate your wallet through a mobile app.

6. Andar Pilot Wallet

The Andar Pilot Wallet combines leather and metal for a slim and durable construction. It features a pull tab for quick card access, a central pocket for cash, and RFID-blocking technology.

7. Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet

Herschel Supply Co. offers the Charlie RFID Wallet, a simple and functional alternative. It has multiple card slots, a top-access storage sleeve, and RFID blocking for added security.

8. Flowfold Minimalist Wallet

Flowfold specializes in minimalist wallets made from water-resistant materials. The Minimalist Wallet is ultra-lightweight, durable, and comes in various colors.

9. Fossil Derrick Leather Bifold Wallet:

Fossil’s Derrick Leather Bifold Wallet combines a classic bifold design with modern functionality. It features multiple card slots, a clear ID window, and a slim profile.

10. Tumi Delta Slim Card Case Wallet

Tumi’s Delta Slim Card Case Wallet offers a sophisticated alternative with a combination of ballistic nylon and leather. It provides RFID technology for card protection and a slim design for easy pocket storage.

Final Verdict: Is The Ridge Wallet Worth Buying In 2024?

You can buy the Ridge Wallet in 2024 if you have a lot of cards, want RFID protection, and want a stylish wallet.

• Nigh indestructible• Can feel different if you are used to leather wallets
• RFID blocking security• Cards inside kept getting scratched
• Lifetime warranty• Can be a hassle to get cards out

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