Out of 150 metro areas in the United States, San Diego is the third best place to live in California but the 4th most expensive place to live overall.

Because San Diego is ranked #11 in the best places to live for quality of life, the price is just a stepping stone. Many want to live in California, but there is a right and wrong time to hop in on the market.

To know when to move to San Diego, you need to know the 2022 San Diego real estate trends. Keep reading to learn more.

Home Prices

Home Prices

When it comes to San Diego real estate trends, many are wanting to know how much they will be paying for a California home. Housing inventory relief did not occur early on in 2021, but the figures are expected to rise into 2022.

Depending on the conditions in the local markets, buyers might have some relief from rising prices if the inventory were to increase.

Most homes in the San Diego area were selling above the listing price because of the high demand. Buyers might not be able to afford these increasing prices and force a pricing stability period.

Right now, the San Diego market is more helpful for sellers rather than buyers. You can sell your home for profit on IBuySD. Existing San Diego real estate trends are expected to hold into early 2022.

Mortgage Rates

Living in San Diego is expensive, but mortgage rates tend to be lower than they were a few decades ago. Other than the rates going up slightly recently, these trends have been stable.

Mortgage rates favor the buyer even though San Diego’s rates are higher than California’s average. Compared to 2020, the rates continue to be low, but will mortgages continue to have low rates?

Around the nation, the forecast predicts an increase of mortgage rates up to 3.2%. This will continue to grow in 2022 until a 3.6% peak is reached.

Because these are the national rates, the rates in California will likely be higher.



Along with home selling in San Diego and home buying in San Diego, many wonder about the renting scene. A good portion of residents in San Diego rent out places to live.

To save cash for a down payment on a house you want to buy in 2022, renting first is a good idea. The cost of rent depends on a variety of factors including the size of the space and type of residence.

Currently, the cost of rent is trending upwards. This increase is likely caused by the fact that San Diego doesn’t have rent control. The market has a major influence on how much rent is.

Among the things to do in San Diego, tourist attractions can create a short-term rental demand that can also increase the value of renting into 2022.

San Diego Real Estate Trends to Know for 2022

Real estate markets can change at any moment depending on the economy and politics. San Diego is no different.

As the housing market starts to even out, San Diego homes will become more affordable for those working a stable job. Mortgage rates are expected to increase slightly but might drop again later down the line.

Lastly, renting in San Diego, much like other big cities, is increasing in price. With these San Diego real estate trends, you’ll be able to make the best decision for yourself.

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HomeLight: top real estate agents in San Diego, CA
Provided by HomeLight: top real estate agents in San Diego, CA

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