Thursday morning was not good for India’s stock market as the Sensex fell below 150 points at the opening. The sudden drop of the Sensex is due to the fear of inflation hitting the market. The Pharma and IT industry’s shares dropped by 1.3%.

You must go through some crucial facts while you want to know why such a bad morning on 18th August 2022. The impact of the US stock market is also reflected in the Indian Stock markets.

You have to understand the facts while judging the reality on your end. So let’s find out some of the core reasons behind it, one after the other.

Who Is Behind The Fall In Sensex & Nifty?

Several reasons are contributing to the fall in the prices of the Sensex today. You must go through the facts to make things work in the right direction. Some of the core factors in this regard are as follows:-

  • The global stock index has influenced the fall in the prices of stock prices by 150 points.
  • The value of the rupees has also degraded to 0.25 percent. The value of the dollar is increasing due to this reason.
  • Inflation and interest rate have made the prices of stock prices fall below expectations since the global pandemic.
  • The blue-chip indexes have lost their market share by 9%. It is also a big blow to the share prices, which a trader must know at their end.
  • Overseas investors have offloaded the total investments worth $6.29 billion. It is another reason for the fall in stock prices.

Hence, the global contraction of the share prices has contributed to the fall in the share market to a great extent. You need to know the facts before concluding your views on the matter of stock market price fall.

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