The Top 5 Reasons To Start Trading With Trading View

published on: September 29, 2022 last updated on: October 4, 2022
Trading View

Trading View is a trading platform offering advanced charts, analysis tools, and a robust social network used by 30M+ traders and investors worldwide. It is a one-of-its-kind global financial platform wherein you can discuss, share, and shortlist opportunities in the international market. 

The trading view platform is immensely popular among amateur and seasoned investors owing to the information, insight, trading, and investment opportunities available under one platform. Let us understand the top 5 reasons why you should begin your trading journey with this platform.

What is Trading View Platform?

Trading View Platform

The trading view platform is an advanced financial visualized platform that is going to ease of use of any modern website. The trading view gives an advanced financial visualization platform. Any of the investors can see and monitor the ups and downs of the price.

The trading view is a cloud-based c\socila networking software, which is perfect for beginner and advanced investment traders. From basic charting, research, and analysis, every type of information is available in the trader’s free account.

Here are the features of the trading view platforms.

  • The attractive visibility setting helps the individual investors to visualize the curve drawing and a trend line.
  • The investors can see how the stock prices are doing ups and downs.
  • Every image quality is outstanding. So through the graphical images, the inverters can monitor the situations.
  • Multi-time frame settings are available, which is actually helping the individual investors.
  • The viewers can see the bigger pictures through TV or other types of bigger monitors.
  • The market analysis features are there. Every investor can provide a paper trading view analysis and know forecasting statics through graphical representations.

Top 5 Reasons To Trade With TradingView

Trade With TradingView

Every investor is getting advantages while using the trading view platform. The trading view platform presents outstanding graphical interphase for individual users and investors.

Every market’s ups and downs are just in front of them. So if any market downs fall comes, the users can make spontaneous decisions and take the step for recovery.

1. Trendy Charts

The popularity of share online trading view has increased in recent times, enabling investors and traders to look for platforms offering robust trading tools and features. 

With the launch of this platform, users can use advanced charts to trade different securities and assets, including equity, futures/options, commodities, and currencies. 

The platform offers around 12 customizable chart types with 8 charts per tab that facilitate analysis of the latest stock prices, help identify patterns in lengthy scripts, and so on.

2. Robust Technical Analysis

The trading view platform entails 100+ inbuilt indicators, 50+ smart drawing tools, tools for candlestick pattern recognition, and in-depth market analysis tools to cover in-vogue trading concepts. 

For instance, Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI are some popular trading indicators on the platform. These in-depth technical tools help users and traders obtain trade-related information on one platform and make sound trading decisions.

3. Handy Trading Alerts

The trading view platform offers cloud-based flexible and informative alerts powered by the Pine ScriptTM across every device. 

Alerts are available for price, indicators, and strategies, implying that you will not miss a good trade move. With 12 alert conditions, push, and webhook notifications, the platform caters efficiently to meet the needs of its diverse user base worldwide.

4. Detailed Financial Analysis

The trading view platform offers a comprehensive volume of standard data — including financial statements, historical data, and valuation analysis — across major stock exchanges. You can also simulate real trading strategies through the charts created. 

Likewise, you can track your order on the chart to help traders carry out insightful strategic trading moves in their investment journey.

5. Dynamic Networking

The trading view platform offers excellent networking, allowing one to trade directly with top brokers worldwide. In addition, you can easily evaluate stock performance based on honest reviews from verified customers. 

Similarly, the social network wing of the platform helps you research great trading ideas from the worldwide community. If you are a seasoned investor/trader, you can get your analysis published on the platform.

Final Thought

The versatility of the TradingView platform makes it a popular site for global users wanting to undertake sound investment decisions in real time.  The trading view platform is a versatile platform.

Every trader wants to get a good market value from their investments. And When you are actually using the trading view platform, you will see how the platform is working and how it minimizes the chances of making losses. You will know when to revoke or withdraw the money. Ups and downs are just in front of you.


This blog information should not count as investment advice. The securities of the market carry all sorts of risks. Before starting to invest, always consult a trained financial professional. Any type of investment is subject to market risk.

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