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published on: November 24, 2022 last updated on: December 7, 2022

Do you know who or what is Tacombi?

It’s a chain of restaurants and food outlets that serve piping hot Mexican food in all its glory. From delicious Tostadas and various types of tacos and Tamales, you will get all your favorite Mexican dishes here. Additionally, they serve various cocktails and sodas as well!

Therefore, to know more about this famous Mexican food and drink outlet, read this post till the end.

Tacombi Business Turnover

When it comes to the business of Tacombi, it has seen a lot of success over the last few years. Since they do not publish their business reports since it’s not a large company, I had to do some digging.

Tacombi Business Turnover

After much observation, I got figures close to the real figures as to how much business Tacombi operates. Currently, Tacombi has 125+ employees. This number includes all its outlets in the USA. Compared to last year, their total number of employees grew by 36%. This large recruitment of employees over the years happened to increase production and sales since business dropped a lot during the Covid lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

When it comes to earnings, the current Tacombi annual revenue is estimated to be approximately $32 million. Therefore, this would make their approximate revenue per employee to be around $255,000.

Judging by the estimated reports, the company is doing good business. It’s raking in big profits, and its employee count is also steadily increasing.

Tacombi Menu: Best Dishes To Try At Tacombi

The Tacombi menu has many Mexican dishes and drinks. To taste authentic Mexican food, you should try out anything from here:

Tacombi Menu

1. Entradas

DishPrice ($)
Corn Esquites 4.98
Rice & Beans4.78
Guacamole con Totopos14.48

2. Tacos Y Tostadas

DishPrice ($)
Al Pastor (Mexican style marinated pork with pineapple)4.98
Carnitas (slow roasted pork)4.98
Carne Asada (Sonoran Style black Angus beef)6.98
Seared Fish a la Plancha (Seared Alaskan Cod)6.98
Black Bean & Sweet Potato (Con Queso Fresco)4.98
Avocado Tostada (Avocado, beans y queso Fresco)4.98
Pollo Yucateco (Marinated free-range chicken)4.98
Baja Crispy Fish (Beer battered Alaskan Cod)6.98

3. Quesadillas

DishPrice ($)
Vegetariana (sauteed mushrooms)8.98
Gringa (Mexico City style “Al Pastor” roasted pork)9.98
Gallo (Marinated Free-range chicken)9.98
Nortena (Sonoran style Black Angus Beef)9.98

4. Breakfast Tacos

DishPrice ($)
Huevos Con Pastor (Eggs, roasted pork y Oaxaca Cheese)7.98
Huevos Con Nopales (Eggs, cactus y Oaxaca cheese)6.98

5. Burritas

DishPrice ($)
Abodaba (Mexico city-style “Al Pastor” Roasted Pork)12.98
La Bisteca (Sonoran-style Black Angus Beef)13.98
Pescado Frito (Fried Alaskan Cod)13.98
Pollo Superior (Marinated free range chicken)12.98
Vegana (Sweet potato, kale, & Poblano)12.98
Bean y Queso (Spicy beans & Oaxaca Cheese)12.98

6. Cocktails

DrinkPrice ($)
Margarita (Tequila, fresh lime, orange liqueur)13.98/55 pitcher
Mezcal Mule (Mezcal, ginger, beer y lime)13.98/55 pitcher
Sandia Santa (Tequila, fresh watermelon, lime)13.98/55 pitcher

7. Cervezas

DrinkPrice ($)
Monopolio “Clara”6.98/30.98 (6 pack)
Monopolio “Negra”6.98/30.98 (6 pack)

8. Aquas Frescas

DrinkPrice ($)
Agua De Sandia (watermelon)3.98
Agua De Pina (Pineapple)3.98
Agua De Jamaica (Hibiscus)3.98
Horchata (Traditional Rice Milk)3.98

9. Sodas

DrinkPrice ($)
Lupita Pineapple Soda3.98
Lupita Orange Soda3.98
Lupita Lime Soda3.98

10. Bottled Water

DrinkPrice ($)
Topo Chico (Sparkling)4.98
Agua De Piedra (Still)4.98

Tacombi User Reviews

I scoured the Internet to compare my Tacombi review to other reviews by other customers. Here are some of my findings regarding Tacombi New York:

Morisk446 said:


Santiago said:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Mexican food lovers have asked many questions related to Tacombi NYC. Their answers are:

Q1. Who Is The Owner Of Tacombi?

Ans: Dario Wolos is the owner of Tacombi Miami. He is a Mexican from the beaches of Yucatan. He started his business in Mexico but soon shifted focus to the USA as its business grew.

Q2. From Where Did The Name Tacombi Come From?

Ans:The name “Tacombi” has an interesting origin story. The founder of Tacombi, Dario Wolos, started his business selling Tacos on a Combi minibus. He uprooted all the seats inside and replaced them with cooking materials and equipment. Since he did his business from a Combi minibus, he fused the words together to create Tacombi (Taco + Combi).

More Tacos, Please!

Tacombi has become one of the most famous outlets for Mexican drinks and dishes. Its annual revenue is estimated to be $32 million, with only a workforce of 125 employees all over the USA. It has a big menu with lots of choices of dishes and drinks available. In addition, its user reviews so far have been positive. Customers have praised its food, but criticized its crowds and time taken to serve orders.


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