Buying a car insurance policy is considered a formality in India which should not be the case, rather it is a financial planning and must be taken into account seriously. It has been mandated by the law of India, so to avoid any legal action against them, people buy car insurance. Moreover, they often overlook the type of insurance they are buying and get into trouble in future while claiming it. They buy the plan which provides them short-term profit neglecting the right aspect of it. The dealers of the insurance companies often manipulate the insurer by showing short-term benefits like discounts, offers, etc. and urge them to buy the plan which indirectly benefits the dealer, as their sales target is reached.

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Buying a car insurance is not about how much bucks you are paying now as per the policy plan, rather it’s a long-term planning in accordance with how less you need to pay at the time of any accident. So, it is a very important aspect to be considered while buying an insurance plan. Moreover, buying the right one will sweeten the cause. The dealers of the insurance company may indulge you to invest in a cheaper policy with the lucrative offers and you may end up buying a plan which will not be helpful in future.

It is highly recommended to do a detailed research on the right type of plan you should buy for a safer future of your car as well as yours. It should be treated with more care, as it is considered for the safety and security of your liability. Investing in the right plan gives you the leisure of less expense in case of accidents. The insurance company pays for the damages to the car and most importantly buying the right policy will also take care of the medical bills of the passengers. Now, the big question is, whom to trust, if not dealers of the insurance company. The answer is quite known to the present generation, which is the internet. So, here we will discuss the benefits of buying the car insurance online, which certainly eradicates the loop-hole and makes it a worthy option.

Free from mind games

The dealers of the insurance company, irrespective of the type of policy, try to sell it for their own commissions and profit. They can easily manipulate the new car buyers by showing some short-term benefits with the marketing tricks and mind games to prove their policy as the best of all. You are forced to choose the best plan according to the dealer and not by yourself. This huge problem of dealing with a human is eliminated if you go for the online option. You are the sole decision maker about choosing a car insurance policy, as per the conditions that suit you best. The extra information available online also help you to take the right decision and you can do complete research on any of the insurance company online.

Security and Convenience

Insurance Security
Insurance Security

The security of the policy buyers is at risk while buying a car insurance policy through a dealer. As a dealer can’t be easily trusted and it may also involve his personal agenda to leak identity details and information. On the contrary, buying the policy from a trusted company online involves theleast risk of security, as the companies provide safety against data theft of your information. Moreover, the transaction can also be done easily through theonline medium, which is more preferable for the cashless society. The whole process of buying car insurance online is simpler, faster and safer.

Cheaper deal

Buying the car insurance policy and paying the premiums online profits the insurance companies, as no third party is involved. The insurance companies also prefer this process as they don’t have to pay any commission to the dealers or agents. This is the reason why the costs of the premiums are kept low for the online insurers. The insurance company pass on some part of the profits to the online insurers in the form of discounts and offers, which makes the deal cheaper.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

car insurance

Car accidents and damage repairs cause a major setback to your financial condition, if you don’t own a right car insurance. So, to be protected you need a comprehensive car insurance plan with affordable premiums. Now, you need to understand exactly what you are paying for, it is Insured Declared Value (IDV), which is the current market value of your car. It is the highest sum payable by the insurer for an insurance policy and this huge sum can be claimed from the insurance company if the car is damaged or lost. IDV is the current value by deducting the depreciation amount and involves complex solution, which is not easy to understand. Usually, lower IDV means lower premium, but this can cause a trouble while claiming the amount. This problem can be prevented largely by buying the insurance online, as online everything is clearly mentioned in details. The IDV is clearly understood online with depreciation values of the car at a constant rate within a period of time.

Plenty of Options

The options for different types of insurance policies and different companies are certainly increased through online process. Everything is easily available online and moreover, you can compare the policies of different companies and select the most appropriate one as per your needs. If you go for searching for the insurance companies offline, you will only meet some of the dealers or agents from different companies, which makes the process more hectic and tiring. Instead, go for the online process, which is a smart choice to get plenty of offer at your fingertips.

In the smartphone world, where every information is available so easily, why go for an option that has hassles. Buying the car insurance scheme online is totally worth it, compared to buying it from any other traditional sources.

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