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Is United Premium Plus Value-Packed? So, you are planning a long-haul air trip abroad? But you are not sure whether to purchase a business class economy class ticket. We always suggest choosing the option that better complies with your personal finance.

So, we thought of recommending something in between – United Premium Plus. This is not exactly a business class ticket or an economy class. This is a bridge in between. This is a new cabin that United Airlines introduced a few years back.

So, what is United Airlines New United Premium Plus seat? What services and comforts come with this ride? Is a Premium Plus seat worth it? Why don’t you read this article and find it out for yourself?

What Is United Premium Plus?

What Is United Premium Plus

If you are thinking of a comfortable plane ride, then The United Premium Plus ticket is worth considering. This ride offers premium economy class seats on some long-haul flights and domestic flights from the US.

The cabin with the premium plus seats offers different services and amenities. The cabin has large-sized reclining seats. The food is premium, and the drinks are delightful. They usually offer some great amenities to the passengers that are not available in economy-class cabins.

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Amenities To Expect From The United Premium Plus Cabins

Here is what you can expect from the United Premium Plus seats –

Comfortable And Large Reclining Seats

Comfortable And Large Reclining Seats

You will be able to locate the United Premium Plus seats at the back of the United Polaris business-class cabin. However, the configuration of the seats differs from one type of jet to the other. The 777-200ER aircraft and Boeing 777-300ER have a layout configuration of 2-4-2, and the Boeing 787-10 aircraft have a configuration of 2-3-2.

The United Premium Plus seat has a 19-inch wide seat. It provides 38 inches of pitch and allows six inches of recline. Have more comfort on your long hauls thanks to the let rest, footrest, and an additional power outlet and USB charger for your smartphone and laptop.

In-flight Service

In-flight Service

As I said before, the United Premium Plus bridges the gap between the economy and the business class. There are lots of in-flight services you will be happy with. For starters, they hand you a menu with a different selection of drinks and foods to choose from. In addition to that, there are cloth napkins and silverware on some of the selected long-haul rides.

You will find the United premium plus buyers will have more benefits such as – a hot entree, dessert, fruit, and different added alcoholic beverages on some premium transactional routes.



Your flight does not have to be boring. Why not binge-watch your favorite TV show or movies on the way? There is a 13-inch seatback screen where you can watch your favorite movie or TV show. On some of the international routes, the United Premium Plus seats offer extra equipment. You actually get some noise-canceling headphones for watching your favorite content on the screen during your journey.

Bedding Kit 

Bedding Kit

United Premium Plus seats also offer Saks Fifth Avenue bedding & amenity kits on international routes. This kit contains a sleeping mask, pair of earplugs, socks, a toothbrush, and skin care products by Sunday Riley.

Ground Perks

Ground Perks

There are some ground perks of using the United premium plus seats as well. One of the options would be checking in using the Premier Access line at the airport. They can also access the overhead bin space. Another additional advantage of the United Premium Plus is the added discount on United Club access. But this is also limited to a selected few international flights.

Difference Between United Economy Plus And United Premium Plus

Difference Between United Economy Plus And United Premium Plus

There are some clear differences between United Economy Plus and United Premium Plus. Economy Plus provides more legroom, which is absent in the normal economy class cabin. Also, Economy Plus offers two free checked bags. There are no more differences.

However, the United Premium Plus goes beyond and adds some extra features. The seats are larger; there is a luxurious flatbed, more space, better meal service, and different amenities for entertainment during your journey.

Is United Premium Plus Worth The Money? 

Is United Premium Plus Worth The Money

It depends on what you are looking for in a journey. Some would prefer economy over comfort, while some passengers would also love to get some comfort amenities and additional benefits mixed with a balanced level of economy.

The united premium plus cabin is large, and the seat is large enough to provide you with the comfort you need on your journey. Also, if you are a tall person or if you have restless leg syndrome, you will enjoy a flight in the United Premium Plus cabin. A better seat during a long flight is always worth it.

We will definitely not recommend spending thousands of dollars on an eight-hour-long flight. But united premium plus Cabin would not require you to spend that much. I believe that it is worth investing a hundred more dollars for some extra space and comfort. If that is what you want during your flight, then this is a good option to consider.

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Frequently Asked Questions !! (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions people usually ask about United Premium Plus.

Q1. Can I Pay To Upgrade To United?

Ans: United Airlines Has different options allowing you to upgrade. There are options earned as a Premier Elite member, qualifying for complimentary upgrades, using miles to upgrade, or buying full-fare economy tickets which instantly upgrade.

Q2. What Does Premium Plus Mean On United?

Ans: United Premium Plus is a new range of seats on United Airlines. You get more legroom, extra amenities, food & Drink, more comfort, and other amenities for an added price.

Q3. Does United Have Premium Plus?

Ans: Yes, there are Premium Economy Seats on United Airlines. These seats are known as Premium Plus. This seat was introduced in 2019.

Bottom Line 

So, if you have a long flight ahead of you and if you can afford to spend a little more money, then it is not a bad decision to take a United Premium Plus seat. You will have different amenities starting with good food, drinks, a sleeping kit, and ground perks. I hope that this content briefed you on the different features of this flight seat.

However, if you want to learn something more, you can let us know through the comment section below. We will await your feedback. Thank you for reading.

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