New Subsidy On US Chip Will Pose A Global Threat To Economy

published on: August 11, 2022 last updated on: August 19, 2023
US Chip

The new subsidy bill on Chip manufacturing companies in the USA is conservative. Not only will it increase the rate of competition in the global market, but it will also pose a global threat to the other chip manufacturing countries in the world as well.

According to the report of China’s Chamber Of International Commerce, the main aim of this bill is to promote the trade of Chips in the US. In addition, it will help chip manufacturing companies in the USA to increase their production at an affordable rate.

On the other hand, the other countries that manufacture chips will have to pay the same rates of taxes to the US for exporting the chips.

What Are The Key Points Of New Subsidy On US Chips?

There are specific key points of new subsidy on the US Chips which has created chaos in the world economy. You need to cross-check the reality before you draw any kind of conclusion on this matter. You have to make your choices in the correct direction while you want to reach your goals. 

  • The bill will provide $280 billion in subsidies to the semiconductor chips manufacturing companies in the USA.
  • It aims at developing chips that offer high subsidies to most of the semiconductor chip manufacturing companies in America. It will also provide $52 billion in subsidies and additional tax credits to the companies.
  • The main aim of this subsidy is to combat the competition from China, which is winning the trade war for developing and selling affordable semiconductor chips in the world.
  • This bill has been passed now as the shortage of chips has made the life of the Chip manufacturers difficult in the US. This bill will boost the situation of the country to the next level.

For the last few years, US and China have been in a trade war with each other, and so they are now heading towards the subsidy process to recover from this situation. You must consider these facts while improving your brand image.


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