Cryptocurrency trading is a very popular option to make a profit online.

The market offers a variety of tokens and coins that can be used for trading, staking, etc. In this article, we would like to discuss a relatively new digital asset – the WBT token.

What Is a WBT Token?

WBT is a utility token from the largest European crypto exchange. The WBT token platform was established in 2018. Now in 2022, they are becoming the most popular and frequently use crypto exchange. They now have 3 million users worldwide. The white bit is making a huge contribution to the mass adaptations of blockchain technology.

And they also adopt the most effective trading tools. These trading tools are making trading more convenient and more productive. This is a future-based trading and passive income tool for a referral program. They are doing the training with getting a very limited amount of trading fees on the market.

WBT is a full-fledged product of the whole WBT token ecosystem. That is also integrated into the white BIT services. This will turn on the base of dozens of blockchain startups. The new projects, along with fruitful trading, are all done within a single platform.


The History Of  WBT

The WBT token was launched in August 2022 by a popular cryptocurrency platform WhiteBIT. The exchange has over 2 million users and a big community of loyal clients who have already started to use the WBT crypto. 

On the launch day, the token price was minimal, but already in September, it exceeded $5, and as of mid-October, it reached around $13. The following factors explain such price growth:

  • The WhiteBIT exchange has many partners and products, and its community is active and engaged. So people actively use WBT for transactions within the exchange and accessing other products through WBT.
  • The developers burn part of the tokens weekly. It helps maintain the cryptocurrency rate and does not let it drop.
  • The WBT token is a utility crypto that eases and facilitates many processes within the WhiteBIT platform. It provides lower transaction fees and additional earning opportunities to its holders.
  • WBT can be traded and staked.
  • The WBT emission is limited.
  • Some parts of acquired WBT tokens are locked for some period to support the token value.

The WBT token market capitalization is $825,595,735, and daily trade volume reaches $11,988,102. That’s not a bad result for a relatively young crypto asset.

Today you can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT and Huobi crypto platforms. In the near future, the token is supposed to be listed on other major exchanges, which will spur its price up. For more information on the WBT token and its benefits, welcome to the WhiteBIT Blog.

What About The WBT Tokenomics?

The WBT token supply is limited. As of now, new tokens have been created. According to the supply line, the 200m is the amount that is working as the treasury tokens. The total amount is going to unlock within a few upcoming years.

The trading competitions and other beneficial holding programs are carried forward with the tokens. The exchanging platforms are part of the activities which are associated with the WBT crypto.

WBT Tokenomics

Wrapping It Up:

The WBT token is one type of crypto exchange. Every type of crypto exchange is subject to market risks. So if you are thinking of availing the advantages of dealing with the WBT tokens. Then it will be better to consult your agent first. And always do research on the

present trending princess of these crypto tokens, and your treading will be much better.


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