Best Minnesota Credit Union – Top 10 List Of Credit Unions In 2023

April 19, 2023

best Minnesota credit union

It’s time to think about your money by looking for the best Minnesota Credit Union. Who will you trust to maintain them and lend you additional money? What matters more than your financial situation?

I’ve done the groundwork for your benefit and compiled this list naming the best credit union in Minnesota, along with all the information you want.

Factors Determining The Best Minnesota Credit Union

You should always choose a credit union that has the most significant personal savings choices if private banking is your primary concern. Moreover, consider which credit union can provide the most excellent interest rates for loans like mortgages, cars, and students.

If business banking is your main concern, you should seek banks in Minnesota that either focus primarily on business banking or offer it as an alternative. Rates and fees are significant in this context for items like business and personal loans.

Suppose your company is big enough to profit from utilizing a business account rather than PayPal to process payments for credit cards. In addition, you’ll also want to be sure your preferred credit union has one.

Furthermore, the location may be a factor depending on whether personal or corporate banking is the priority. You might only sometimes need to go to your bank’s physical facility. But, for convenience’s sake, you should pick a union with a facility closest to your residence or business if you anticipate needing to visit more frequently.

Best Minnesota Credit Unions

The best Minnesota Credit Union that you can apply for in 2023 are:

1. Affinity Plus Credit Union

Affinity Plus is the largest and best Minnesota credit unions, with over 27 sites. In the state of Minnesota, Affinity Plus has been honored as Forbes Best Credit Union in America. They provide choices for both private and commercial banking.

Affinity Plus Credit Union

Due to its various locations, this is one of your best alternatives if you regularly need to visit their offices for personal, business, or both types of banking. They are known for providing exceptional customer service.

Also, they place a strong emphasis on support from the community. In only the previous two years, they have generated enough for 300,000+ meals for needy Minnesotan families, and since 2008, they have raised $350,000+ for Paralympics participants.

2. Wings Financial Credit Union

Wings Financial is another well-known credit union in Minnesota, having over thirty banking facilities in Minnesota. In addition, apart from their ATMs within their own facilities, they also have about fifty more spread out over the state.

Wings Financial Credit Union 

The exclusive focus of Wings Financial is on personal financial requirements. Particular loans are available for each boat, RV, and motorcycle type if you own anything but a car or a truck. Consult with Wings Financial if you’re seeking the best auto loan available.

In this period of pandemic danger, they provide many debit and credit cards, which have been indispensable. Moreover, credit cards offer a 2-point reward incentive for every dollar spent.

The best thing about Wings Financial is that no balance transfers on an annual basis are involved. In addition, international transaction fees are laid off!

3. Spire Credit Union

SPIRE Credit Union is one of the best options for small businesses. Although they provide choices for personal banking, their primary concentration is small business banking. They can handle your essential business banking requirements, such as those for business checking and savings accounts, and your more sophisticated demands for things like current account services with company insurance.

If your company has workers, SPIRE offers extra perks that you may include in your employee benefits plan for free!

They provide various services, including exclusive lunches, extensive financial seminars, and one-on-one financial counseling. These are fantastic chances for your workers to learn more about finances and feel more content while working for you.

4. Central Minnesota Credit Union

In terms of mortgages, Central Minnesota Credit Union is among the finest. Whether you’re looking for a new house to stay in Minnesota or plan to routinely buy and sell homes as part of your house-flipping company, Central Minnesota may be the best option.

Central Minnesota Credit Union

Residents of Minnesota can choose from several loans, including conventional 30-year loans and government loans like Rural Development. Depending on your situation and long-term goals, Central Minnesota Credit Union can provide all such variations and assist you in making the best decision.

No matter the amount of your mortgage, Central Minnesota Credit Union charges a single closing fee of $1,000 in place of the customary 1% or higher closing cost. With the property market at its current high, this might help you save money on house purchases.

5. MidMinnesota Federal Credit Union

MidMinnesota Federal Credit Union has much to offer students seeking student loans and banking benefits. Their “Student Choice” lending solutions in private offer no origination costs, cheaper interest rates, and flexible repayment alternatives, unlike other student loan companies with several hidden expenses and high-interest rates.

MidMinnesota Federal Credit Union

After experiencing the MidMinnesota personal touch, you could decide that you want to stay with them after passing out as a student. Moreover, Mid Minnesota provides various loan solutions that fit your professional life and personal banking and commercial banking possibilities.


One of the best Minnesota Credit Union on this list could be the best fit for you, regardless of whether your requirements are mainly personal, business-related, or a combination of both.

Reading over the attributes of these unions, and once you’ve selected the best, think about contacting them or visiting them to find out whose level of customer service most impresses you.

Are you a customer of the best Minnesota credit union mentioned above? If so, tell us about them in the comment section down below!

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