In case you were looking for the best paying jobs in finance consumer services, you have reached the right place.

Considering the fact that the world saw a huge wave of unemployment in the years 2020 and 2021 following the effects of the pandemic, there is no wonder that people from across the world started to look for jobs that can pay them well.

One of the sectors that saw a large number of hiring following 2021 was finance consumer services. Keep on reading till the end to learn more about this sector and about the highest-paid jobs in this line…


Finance Consumer Services

Finance Consumer Services

Before talking about what are the best paying jobs in finance consumer services, let me tell you a little about this field of work. So, what is the industry of finance consumer services?

The term finance consumer services is a broad one that is used to refer to a huge variety of job roles that have to do with the consumer as well as finance industries. These jobs are one of the most important ones for the building of the economy of the country.

The people who are involved in the industry of finance consumer services are responsible for analyzing the finances of their clients as well as managing the data related to their financial status.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Finance Consumer Services?

In case you were searching for the highest paying jobs in the line of finance consumer services, you will find this article to be of help.

There are a number of jobs that are available in the field of finance and consumer services. Some of the best ones that can make your bank’s account smile are as follows:

1. Private Equity Associate

Private Equity Associate

Average Salary: $115,000

Private equity associates are one of the highest paid jobs in the line of finance consumer services. They are the people who find potential inventors and assist private companies and enterprises in raising money for their businesses. According to Investopedia, the private equity associates “keep a portion of any profits they are able to generate through deals.”

2. Investment Banker

Investment banker

Average Salary: $200,000

Second in line is the job of an investment banker. People who are involved in this role are one of the highest paid workers in the industry of finance consumer services. These people are responsible for helping the companies raise money through the transaction of securities. They work for banks, corporations, and other government bodies and help them to raise capital.

3. Insurance Advisor

Insurance advisor

Average Salary: $56,000

Next on the list is the job of an Insurance advisor. These people are professionals that play a huge role in advising clients regarding investment and retirement, as well as guiding them against any potential risks. These advisors analyze the risks of the clients and recommend they follow policies that can help them protect against losses and boost their profit incomes.

4. Financial Analyst

Financial analyst

Average Salary: $90,000

One of the most common yet secure jobs in the line of the finance consumer services is that of financial analyst. Every large company in this world recruits financial analysts to track their finances and find ways to boost their capital. These people are responsible for providing clients with financial guidance and evaluating the stock market from time to time to help them perform better.

5. Hedge Fund Managers

Hedge fund managers

Average Salary: $100,000

The people who work in the role of Hedge fund trader work directly to boost the profits of the funds. They are responsible for overseeing the funds on behalf of the investors. One of the most important functions of hedge fund managers is to make decisions related to the funds that they are managing. The performance of the companies and the funds lie in the decisions of these employees.

6. Economic Strategist

Economic strategist

Average Salary: $110,000

Next on the list are the Economic Strategists. They are different from economists and work specifically on the functioning of the financial markets. They are responsible for making strategies related to the research of the financial conditions of the market and focus on the ways to boost the growth of the client’s business in the industry.

7. Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Average Salary: $111,000

Last on the list is that of the Finance Manager. The job is a part of the corporate finance jobs and is one of the best paying roles in this line. These employees are responsible for managing all aspects of the finance of the company. Their work includes risk management, bookkeeping, as well as financial planning and reporting.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Finance?

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Finance?

In case you want to know about the best paying jobs in finance overall, here is a quick list along with their average salary. Take a look at them:

Account manager$100,000 to $130,000
Underwriting$85,000 to $115,000
Venture capital$150,000 to $210,000
Buy-side traders$50,000 to $190,000
Economist$80,000 to $100,000
Investment analyst$95,000 to $130,000
Financial software developer$80,000 to $90,000
Chief Financial Officer$110,000 to $130,000
Stockbroker$58,000 to $75,000
Compliance Analyst$58,000 to $75,000

Wrapping It Up!

Finance consumer services is a huge area of work that is related to the industry of both consumers as well as financial services. There are a number of jobs that are available in this field, and all of them are related to building the economy of the country as well as the enterprises.

In case you want to know about the best paying jobs in finance consumer services, I hope that you found this blog to be informative. If there is any other way in which I can be of help to you, feel free to let me know by writing it down in the comment box below.

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