Is major banks a good career path? The bank is always a good career path. See, banks play a significant part in the economy of the world. Banks are associated with every single business. When you involve in that field, you may understand what is the lucrative chance to build your career in the banking sector. 

When you talk about major banks, it refers to a huge field where you will get different job profiles and numerous job options to start your career. Before going to the interview, let’s first discuss what major banks are. 


Which Banks Are Called Major Banks?

Which Banks Are Called Major Banks? 

In terms of major banks, a financial company is a greater banking organization. For example, Bank of America and Reserved Bank. This type of bank has the responsibility for the country’s economy and manages the whole process of the economic system in a certain country. 

Therefore, major banks provide a variety of services. Now you may understand that to successfully provide those services, major banks hire a number of job seekers every year. 

Due to high demand and a large volume of work, banks are constantly looking for interns and entry-level employees with advanced computer skills. 

 Is Major Banks A Good Career Path?

When people are looking for a high-salary career, they first imagine the banking sector. Whenever one asks you, “ Is major banks a good career path?” you must say, yes. 

Banking is a rewarding sector that can make your career attractive. During the pandemic, the whole business world has changed, but the banking sector sustained as well as implemented technology to provide service in various spaces. 

Major banking sectors offer financial services and unique information technology. You may say that banking is not glamorous in comparison with the IT sector. But this sector is one of the pillars of the economy of the world. 

You will be lucky one if you can involve yourself in this financial organization. You can earn the expected money and make your career in a high-profile position. Doing a job in the banking sector does not mean sitting behind the cash counter and counting the money with a calculator. And you may think there are a lot of pressures in the baking field. 

On this note, I wanna clear the concept that every field has a certain pressure. If you want to make a career, you need to take some pressure off your shoulders, it is called responsibility. Although major banks have many interesting entry-level jobs that can help you build your resume. 

Once your resume becomes strong, it can make a strong network that helps you to continue in the long term.  Now, I am surely clear to you about—–is major banks a good career path. What do you think? Please let me know in the comment section. 

How Many Jobs Are Available In Major Banks?

Any jobs are available in major banks. Yes,  major banks work with 3.2 million employees. There are many job seekers who get attached to this field every year. 

It is a growing field, you will get an apt job position according to your experience and skills.  

Requirement Skills For Working In Major Work? 

Hence,  it is a major bank, and if you want to get a job in this field, then you must have some specific skills to get the highest job position in a major bank. 

Moreover, I have discussed “is major banks a good career path”. Now, I am going to share what are the required skills you need to know. 

See, there are many jobs that require a bachelor’s degree. When someone wants to make a career in a banking organization, he or she must have a lot of skills along with educational qualifications. 

1. Education Skills

Education Skills

Degrees in business management, finance, accounting, and economics are preferable to start a career in major banks. Although there are a number of job roles except finance and accounting, therefore you’ll get a job in major banks from any stream with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  

2. Analytical Skills

Analytical Skills

You’ll get a finance sector job; you have to have the intelligence to understand what’s going on in the market. Your intelligence can produce the best productivity. 

You will work with lots of databases, your analytical skill can help you to do work error-free. 

3. Managerial Skills

Managerial Skills

Major Banks are huge organizations where management skill is required to have. Those who want to get a job as a manager (business manager, investment, sales, branch, portfolio for senior HR ) need to have management skills to conduct all work smoothly without any interpretation. 

A manager knows who or which team can do a certain job fast and efficiently. 

4. Communication Skills

Communication skills

Communication skill is mandatory. No one can recommend to you that without soft skills, you can get a job in any field. Good communication and soft skills are the key skills to ranking yourself in major banks or the accounting sector

5. Computer Skills

Computer skills

Computer skills are mandatory to get a job in any field. 99.9% of bank jobs are conducted digitally. However, the person who comes from a background in finance, economics, and accounting is the one who will have the greatest chance to establish their foot in major banks. 

Are Major Banks A Good Career Path? Yes, How To Enter In This Field?

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Job Position Available In Major Banks?

Let’s see the top job high-paid job positions in major banks.  

1. Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

If you have experience in the finance sector and want to get the highest job position in a major bank, then the chief financial officer is the top position. 

Generally, someone will get this job role in a Major bank while he or she has several experiences and successful history in a Banking organization with a deep knowledge of the share market, finance, and the stock market, decision-making ability, and good managerial skills. 

Salary: $140,000 per year (2021)

2. Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

A portfolio manager understands the stock and economic market and has core knowledge about banking organizations. Major investment banks always look for good portfolio managers who can manage personal and organization’s clients and enhance the returns from the investment. 

Salary: $90,800 per year (2021)

3. Accountant and Auditors

Accountant and Auditors

Auditors and accountants are responsible for preparing financial reports and examining that to ensure the business. The entry-level education to get this job role is a Bachelor degree.

Salary: $77,250 per year (2021)

4. Budget Analyst

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts have high demand in major banks. A budget analyst has the responsibility to analyze the budget of the company to minimize expense as well as maximize returns.

One must have a Bachelor’s degree at least and have the knowledge of corporate financial works.  

Salary:$79,940 per year (2021)

5. Loan Officers

Loan Officers

Loan departments are one of the major parts of the banking sector. In the function of a major bank, loan officers have a core part to enhance the business of the bank and maintain the economy of the country. 

Salary: $63,380 per year (2021)

Apart from these high-paying salary jobs, major banks have Business heads, Business Managers, Branch Managers, Sales Managers, Investment Managers, Risk Managers and more job positions.

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Are Major Banks A Good Career Path? Yes, How To Enter In This Field? 

Those who think that after completing bachelor’s degree, they can work at Major banks, then they are wrong. There are some specific processes that you should follow to get yourself engaged in this field. 

After completing, you can prepare yourself to sit for a banking exam. Many major banks conduct exams to hire eligible students. On the other hand, many major banks provide college placement for internships or scholarships. 

It will also beat the option to transfer your role into a full-time employee at major banks. Besides this, you can upload your resume on different job portals along with social media (Linkedin), if your resume gets shortlisted, you will get infirmed by a certain bank company. 

Advantage And Disadvantages To Working In Major Banks

The benefits and salary of most of the job roles are higher than other comparable jobs from other fields.Working with tons of paper or databases. 
There are high numbers of jobs available in all departments in major banks.  You need to put in a lot of effort, which can increase your stress. 
You can make a stable career in major banks. Once you enter this field, your life will be stable. You have to deal with people, which can make your work life boring. Especially when your customers are not cooperative. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You have reached at the end of this article. Now, you have the answer of is major banks a good career path. Although, you must go through the section below where I mention the most common question regarding this matter that people are asked. 

Q1. Is Banking A Stressful Job?

Ans: See, every field has stress. No one can say that work is not stressful. Hence, as an employee in a major bank, you will have major responsibilities, therefore, you may have more stress compared with others. 
But, if you know how to manage your professional life, you will definitely hit on your job position.

Q2. Is Finance A Happy Career?

Ans: Those who want to get themselves in a finance organization, definitely finance will be a happy career. If someone comes from a finance background, it would be a great option for them also.

Q3. Are Bank Jobs Transferable?

Ans: If you get a job in such a major bank company that has many branches in different states or countries, then it has the chance you will get transferable jobs. Although it depends on your job profile and your performance.

Q4. How Much Do Major Banks Jobs Pay?

Ans: In this industry, someone can make money from $$23,000 to $138,000 in a year. This is one of the reasons, every year billions of people are searching for a job in Major banks.

Bottom Line:

Is major banks a good career path? What is your opinion?  In this article, I have discussed everything about major banks. But I want to know your thoughts. 

If you are already working in this field, please share your words in the comment section. 

I would like to know about some original experience in this banking sector. Your words might help my readers and me too.

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