Few cities in the world are as fun to live in as Sydney. The city is perfect for an urban beach lifestyle, with the sea beaches and swimming pools of Manaly and Bondi practically in your backyard. Therefore you can swim and also surf in the Pacific Ocean. You can do it any time you like with the iconic Sydney skyline behind you!

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and Australia’s most populous city; in the late 18th century, it was the first British colony to be founded on the continent. Sydney has since grown into a sprawling metropolis stretching from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Blue Mountains, but thanks to carefully planned streets and excellent public transport, it’s fairly easy to traverse! 

The inhabitants will all attest that it’s a great city to live in, so if you are thinking of giving it a try, you can always find a nice apartment in Sydney for rent; it’s guaranteed to be a great experience! 

Iconic Sydney: What’s Wonderful There?

There are so many wonderful things to do in Sydney it would be impossible to name them all, but here are a few things to put on your list:

Iconic Sydney

1. The Rocks – 

This historic neighborhood was once the haunt of sailors, soldiers, and convicts, but times have passed by, and it is now one of the city’s most prestigious areas. The oldest pubs in Sydney and great modern restaurants and bars can be found here. Check out the food markets, especially at the weekend. It’s a great chance to sample nature’s bounty and you do not have to leave the city! The Rocks is a maze of historic locations. take a walking tour or just get lost on your own; a wonderful time is guaranteed.

2. Observatory Hill – 

This is one of the best locations in Sydney to enjoy spectacular city vistas. Observatory Hill is the central area of the city and the highest point. Soso it one of those sites that was selected by the first Colonists in Britain to build a fort looking over the expanding settlement. Over time, the requirement for cannons passed, so the hill was chosen for the observatory, which is now a fascinating museum detailing the astronomy studied there from the mid-1800s into the late twentieth century.

3. Bondi Beach – 

The white sands of Bondi Bay are truly spectacular, and if you ever thought you might like to learn to surf, this is the place to make it happen! The name Bondi is derived from the local term “surf,” and its rip curls and crashing waves make it clear how it earned its name! 

If you are into living an urban beach culture lifestyle complete with gorgeous lifeguards and courageous scenery (that last bit may have gotten a bit mixed up, oh well!), then this is the beach for you!


The city of Sydney is a fantastic place to live and even just to visit, so give it a look! There is something to please everyone here. Once you try it you may never want to leave!

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