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The year 2021 is another year of Initial Public Offerings (IPO). After Zomato, Barbeque Nation, Brookfield India REIT, and PSU’s IPO come to the Paytm IPO. As per the financial experts, considering the IPO success of 2020, this year will also bring immense success to the companies issuing IPO like Paytm. 

In July 2021, Paytm’s owner, One 97 Communications, submitted the offer document for the world’s largest initial public offering.  As soon as the Paytm Valuation news was announced, it twinkled the eyes of thousands of investors across the country. 

The IPO will help Paytm occupy a place in the list of ‘most valued financial firms in India.’ – doesn’t it sound amazing? Are you interested to learn about Paytm IPO in detail? Read this guide from end to end to get a complete Paytm’s IPO review. 

Background Information About Paytm

Paytm company

Paytm is an Indian company that focuses on online payment systems, e-commerce, and finance. The key Paytm shareholders are Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Softbank Vision Fund, Ant Group, SAIF Partners, AGH, Berkshire Hathaway, and others.

In 2017, it attained the position of India’s first 100 million times downloaded application. In the same year, Paytm Gold came into the market through which users could purchase online gold even at Re 1. Additionally, it is offering digital services like utility bill payments, mobile recharges, booking travel, movies, events, and many in-store payments.  

According to the latest reports and statistics of Paytm India, approximately 20 million traders in the country at present are using the QR code payment system. To increase its revenue, it also uses paid promotional advertisements and content pieces. 

What Is The Paytm IPO Date?

Paytm IPO Launch Date

Well, we know that the whole country is now eagerly waiting for the launch of Paytm IPO. Are you also one among them? Then you have to hold your breath for a couple of months. The company is bracing itself to bring its IPO by the end of October 2021.

Although, on July 15, the business submitted draught documents with the market regulator SEBI for its maiden share offering. Now, SEBI might take up to a few more months to accept the issue request. So have a little more patience; it is just a matter of fewer than 2 months. 

What Is Paytm IPO Valuation?

Paytm IPO Valuation

Since Paytm announced its filing for IPO, the stock market is buzzing with Paytm IPO Valuation. The company has filed for India’s largest IPO worth $2.2 billion to get a $25 bn-$30 billion valuation. If it is successful, the Paytm valuation will surpass the $15,000 crore of Coal India in 2010, making it the largest IPO in India.

However, 50% of this fund amount will be a new fund collection of Paytm. Whereas Vijay Sekhar Sharma, the CEP, and some other corporations would raise the remaining Rs 8300. The organizations partnered with Paytm India in this respect are Alibaba, a segment of Berkshire Hathaway, SoftBank Vision Fund, and SAIF Partners.  

What Barrier Is Paytm IPO Likely To Face?

Paytm IPO Barrier

According to the claim by an ex-director, Paytm IPO will be experiencing some challenges. The retired director, Ashok Kumar Saxena, has purported to the Indian market’s regulator that 20 years back, he invested $27,6000 but did not receive any shares. 

In response, Paytm claimed to file a police complaint and said that this allegation was nothing but an attempt to trouble the firm. Saxena also argued that investors might suffer a significant loss if things turn wrong and approached SEBI to halt the IPO.  

So till the launch or even after its launch, the company might have to endure this unnecessary harassment. But if things go fair enough, Paytm IPO price would be a revolutionary one in the history of Indian Initial Public Offerings.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Was The Latest Paytm Valuation?

In the last time’s Paytm Valuation, it was valued at Rs 1.1 lakh crore, which is $14.3 billion as per the present U.S. currency exchange rate. Furthermore, in this Paytm IPO, the company is planning to issue new shares of Rs 8300 crore. 

Q2. When Will Be The Landfall Of Paytm IPO In India?

By the end of July, Paytm IPO valuation was announced, clearly indicating that the company is targeting a valuation of $25 billion in the IPO. It will take some time to launch in India as SEBI would approve the offer document within the next few months. But most probably, the Paytm IPO start date will be any day at the end of October.  

Q3. What Are The Paytm IPO Benefits?

Paytm was the pioneer of digital payments in India. Numerous investors, partners, and customers trust Paytm as the No. 1 financial services app. Since day 1, it has been introducing innovative features, and today it has a broad portfolio of services. 

Therefore, it is clear that the impression of Paytm India in the domestic market is pretty positive. Hence, the investors are likely to get higher returns, and companies would be able to clear off their debts from the fundings. 

The Final Takeaway

It is evident that indeed Paytm IPO  will be the largest IPO in India if everything goes right. As of now, the investors are looking forward to the date on which it would hit the market. If you wish to apply for Paytm IPO, the two best mediums are UPI or DEMAT accounts. 

I hope this Paytm IPO guide was helpful in giving you accurate information about Paytm IPO Valuation, IPO Date, and price. Did any question pop up in your mind? Shower them in the comment box below; we are looking forward to solving your queries. 

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