Did you know that the real estate market is growing so fast that the experts are reeling? Even Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran is calling the housing market “bonkers.”

Thanks to all this recent market growth, there are more and more opportunities for real estate agents.

The only problem is knowing how to break into the real estate industry. What do you need to do to work as a real estate agent? And what kinds of qualifications do you need?

We have put together a list of important things to know about becoming a real estate agent. Hopefully, you will use these ideas to jump-start your exciting new career!

The First Step to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

The First Step to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Before you can start showing houses, you have to learn all the ins and outs of real estate. While it can be helpful to read about the industry online, there is state-regulated information that you will need to work.

So, does this mean that you will need a college degree to pursue a career in real estate?

The good news is that no university degree is required to work in the housing industry. However, you will need to take an official real estate course.

These courses vary considerably by state, both in content and in price. However, they generally take between two and six months to complete.

Getting Your Real Estate License 

After you’ve passed your real estate course, you will have to take an additional test to get your official real estate license.

These exams are different in each state. However, most real estate exams are divided into two sections: the national section and the statewide section.

The national section of the exam focuses on real estate laws and regulations across the United States. Meanwhile, the state section will quiz you on local real estate rules.

If you fail your exam on the first try, don’t worry! You can take the exam as many times as you need in order to get your qualifications.

Once you’ve passed the big test, you will earn the license necessary to sell real estate in your state!

Find a Sponsoring Broker

Even after you have earned your basic real estate qualifications, it can take a while to get started in the industry.

Many states require new real estate agents to arrange a broker sponsorship before they actually start working in real estate.

Sponsoring brokers are folks who have already gained experience in the industry. Oftentimes, they run successful real estate businesses.

The role of a sponsoring broker is to help get you started in the world of real estate. You can think of them as a coach who will help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

Compare Real Estate to Other Careers

Compare Real Estate to Other Careers

Becoming a real estate agent is a long process. Before you dedicate the next months of your life to this career change, you should be one hundred percent sure of your decision.

After all, real estate careers aren’t for everyone. And there are a lot of amazing options out there!

To learn about other careers, we recommend that you explore the rest of our posts about finding a job. These can help you be certain that a real estate career is actually what you want to pursue.

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