In the last few years, Malta’s economy has opened up beyond the obvious folds of tourism. It has slowly started becoming a major center of trade, commerce, and living for ex-pats coming to Malta from all over the world. This has attracted the attention of investors who are looking to invest in Malta’s real estate markets and ride the growth wave.

However, while the promise of investing seems pretty obvious, there are a number of considerations you need to take into account. Making the right investments requires careful planning, scouting for the perfect opportunities, and then making your investment move.

In this article, we speak to leading financial experts and ask them to help us with tips to find the best Property for sale in Malta.

List of 5 Tips for Investors looking to Invest in Malta’s Real Estate

1. Find out and do research about the Best Prices for Property-

Research is the foundation of any successful investment decision. As such you should dedicate the most time to doing research when looking for the best properties for sale in Malta. You need to evaluate between the different locations- beach, city, countryside and then crosscheck the same with the prices. See for the demand and then go for the ones that suit your budget.

2. Try to get a Property where you will be able to get Rental Income-

If you really want to know about locations that people prefer and would like to earn on the side, allow for rental income on your new investment. Tying up with an Air BnB can help you generate money that will take care of the maintenance of the home. This will also give you an idea about the locations people are preferring and allow you to assess your decision.

3. Work with the Right Real Estate Firm-

A word of caution- not all real estate firms operating in Malta are legit. With the recent boom in the property market, real estate firms and agents have sprung up left, right, and center. It is key that you choose the right real estate firm to work with. Check for their past credentials, experience and do online research looking at their online reviews and ratings.

4. Go for a Small Property (Investment) if you are a First-Time Investor-

If you are just starting out in Malta’s real estate market, you should start small and not pick up a huge villa to tie down your investment. Starting small with flats and apartments will mitigate the risks involved and allow you to understand the intricacies of the real estate market. While the growth might be less, you will also benefit from the lesser risks involved.

5. Select between the Different Cities-

Malta has some very beautiful cities that are rising in popularity and occupancy. Valetta is Malta’s capital city and as such is the urban center of the island. Property prices here are skyrocketing for a number of reasons. St Julain, Sliema, and Gzira are tourist destinations famous for vacation homes and beach houses. Make a careful choice after assessing the same.

Major Advantages of Investing in Malta’s Real Estate Market

Most people think that investing in a property in Malta should only be done for personal vacation or travel. However, that should not be the case, especially when Malta’s economy is opening up and developing on a never-before level.

1. Low Taxes-

In addition to the high growth rates, the tax structure in Malta is on the lower side. There are tons of benefits and low taxation filings in place for investors. This makes it an ideal destination for investors. High growth coupled with low taxation is what makes investors feel attracted to a destination.

2. Permanent Residency-

The promise of being eligible for an EU Permanent Residency Permit and Citizenship should be reason enough to pick up a property in Malta. Most global investors seem to think of this factor as the major magnet in their investment decision. With EU citizenship there are a number of benefits and perks on offer.

The Final Word

It is safe to say that now is the best time to make an investment decision and invest in Malta’s real estate market. It is bourgeoning at the right place and is slowly attracting the interest of everyone from the Middle-East to Silicon Valley.

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