The Various Classes Of Car Insurance In Thailand

August 26, 2021

Car Insurance

When you are driving in Thailand, you will need insurance online for your vehicle by law, so it is not something that you want to put off. Thailand has the second-highest death rate from motor vehicle accidents per capita worldwide, so it is often the question of when you have an accident rather than if.

You will need to ensure you have adequate motor insurance when driving in Thailand, and there are a few options available. Below are some of the various options you can choose to ensure you have suitable vehicle insurance if you have an accident or someone steals your vehicle.

First Class Insurance

First Class Insurance

First-class insurance is the same as comprehensive insurance you find in Western countries and offers you the most protection for you, your vehicle, and third parties. It is the most expensive form of insurance, but it is also the best option if you are driving an expensive new car.

This insurance covers you for all accidents, whether there is a third party or not, and it can also cover things such as damaged windscreens and windows, wheels, and paintwork. It will cover the vehicle’s replacement cost if it is written off and medical expenses if you need to visit the hospital. Some policies will also provide you with a hire car should your vehicle get damaged and need to be taken to the garage for repairs.

Second Class Insurance

When you choose Second Class Insurance (ประกันชั้น 2) for your car insurance coverage, it offers less comprehensive protection than first-class insurance.

However, the primary difference between first and second-class insurance is that you will not be covered for accidents you cause to your vehicle. For example, if you were to be driving your car and you reverse into a lamppost or other object, it would be classed as your fault, and your insurance company would not pay for the damages and can deny your claim.

For other accidents that happen on the roads, including with third parties, the insurance coverage is almost the same as first-class insurance.

Third Class Insurance

The next option you have available is third-class insurance, a cheaper insurance policy that gives you much less cover than the previous two. You will still have cover for your vehicle and third-party vehicles should they get damaged in a collision, but you have no cover for natural disasters such as floods.

There are also fewer features, such as towing your vehicle to a garage for repairs if you have an accident, and the third-party cover will not usually exceed ฿200,000 per occurrence. However, this is not the cheapest insurance in Thailand, which is listed below.

Por Ror Bor

Por Ror Bor

The cheapest insurance you have available in Thailand is Por Ror Bor, and this offers essential protection and helps ensure people who need medical attention can receive it. The insurance will cover medical expenses up to a specified value, but it does not cover damage to the vehicle or private property.

The insurance allows people who have been in an accident not to have to worry about medical bills, so hospitals can treat patients without worrying about getting paid. The insurance will cover these expenses, but you will need to pay for any damage to vehicles and private property.

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