There are several strategies that you can use to increase online sales. In this article, we will only focus on ten of them. You can choose one or more approaches from this list depending on your budget and industry. The most important thing is to choose an approach that will give you the highest returns depending on the nature of your audience.

1. Use a Call-to-Action That is personalized

The call to action will make sure that conversion takes place to help you increase online sales. It is an element on your webpage that informs the reader to take a particular action. The call to action can be a button that you label ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now.’ The other call to actions can inform your visitors to take various actions like following a social media page, subscribing to your mailing list, or share your content. You need a call-to-action that is personalized because it is more specific. It will not address each visitor separately but it appreciates their position in your sales funnel. Therefore, you have to keep the journey of your customer in mind as you prepare your call-to-action.

2. Write Clear Headlines

You can use the headline text to increase online sales. The first thing that visitors will read on your squeeze page, product page, or article is the headline. Make sure that it captures their attention so that they can continue browsing your site or reading. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have a clear headline depending on the target clientele for your brand. One thing you need to understand is that clearly resonates with your readers. Choose an explicit headline depending on what you have to offer to your clients. Make sure you have the best headlines on your homepage and product pages. You can also include keywords to help increase online sales.

3. Declutter the Navigation of Your Website

Because you want the call to action to be the primary focus on most of your pages, it is advisable to declutter the navigation menus of your site. Minimize the navigation elements on the key pages to direct the eyes of your visitors on your call-to-action. The visitors will follow your call to action instead of bouncing from one page to another. You can significantly increase your conversion rate by reducing the number of navigations on your web pages. The call-to-action buttons should be more prominent.

4. Optimize the Text That is Close to the Call to Action

The fact that the call-to-action button is the center of attraction does not imply that you ignore the other elements on your page. The text that is close to the call-to-action has a great impact on your conversions.  The secret is to optimize the text that is close to the call-to-action. Several brands that use this strategy increase the conversion rate by close to 20 percent. Deliberately write about the needs, goals, and concerns of your target audience.

5. Use Pop-Up Offers

Some people think that pop-ups are annoying destructions that jump out on you when browsing through websites. However, you can increase online sales by employing pop-ups strategically and sparingly. It is the best way to increase conversions and reduce abandonment. Pop-ups can increase the conversion rate by approximately 3%. However, you have to offer something that is useful and relevant to users if you want your pop-ups to perform well. The pop-up window will be a gift and not a distraction if you offer a freebie or promo that your visitors will want to use.

6. Include Enough Whitespace on Your Website

You should have ample white space or breathing room between the various elements on your online store or website. If not, these elements will appear to be crowded which will make it hard for the eyes of your visitors to navigate between the various elements of your website. You can increase online sales and optimize the conversion rate by de-cluttering your website.

7. Replace Stock Photos

In case you are using stock photos on your e-commerce store, you should not feel so bad. The most start-up cannot afford the cost of professional photos for their team or products. However, the effort of the cost of using your personal photos is justifiable because real photos of your products or people have a positive effect on your conversion rate. User-generated photos can double your online sales other than using stock images. Publish several photos in different angles on your product page. The same case applies to photos of your team. Replace the stock photos with images of real people and actual products.

8. Improve Readability

We cannot overemphasize the importance of text content on your e-commerce site. The case still stands whether you are dealing with sales copy, headline, or the wording of your call-to-action button. In case your persuasive content is not readable, you cannot convince your audience to buy your products or services. You can increase online sales by simplifying your language and making the font size larger. Readability is crucial as it makes sure that your audience gets to understand the message you are putting across.

9. Prove Customer Satisfaction

You have to prove that your brand has a history of high customer satisfaction levels if you want to increase online sales. This proof may come in the form of testimonials, case studies, list of current or former customers, and industry awards. It is the only way to establish your company as a trusted brand. Besides, products that have more reviews tend to have a higher conversion rate. Therefore, make sure that you are converting enough reviews or testimonials for your website if you want to increase online sales.

10. Display Prominent Guarantees

The last tips to increase online sales is to give your visitors a guarantee that you offer high-quality products or services. You can achieve this objective through security badges, a money-back guarantee or return policies, industry-specific badges and SSl Certificate. Having the best guarantee terms and conditions will tell your visitors that you have confidence in your products or services.

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