If your business is running out of space, where else can you put important matters like documents, furniture, supplies, or equipment? Renting a self-storage for your business is really a great idea! Renting a self-storage has become a more cost-effective way for small business since you don’t have to rent extra commercial space or even move to a larger location just to accommodate your excess things.

Indeed, the self-storage industry is paving ways for the business sector. They are making it more practical and convenient to the business owners because some self-storages are offering their units exclusively for businesses. For some stores, they even use the self-storage units as their ‘storefront’ and display their products in there as it is more affordable than renting for a commercial another space.

So if it is really necessary for you and your business to rent a unit but you’re still undecided to rent one, you might consider this comprehensive list of benefits it may impose for your humble business.

Tailor your business for seasonal selling

If you want to truly capitalize on seasonal selling advantages, having a space is a must. Practically, you should change your selling tactics and change inventories based in the season. You don’t want to display jackets during summer do you? So what will you do to your winter stocks during the summer season? If you don’t have a storage, that could be a bit of a problem. If you have a self-storage, it will give you flexibility not only on when to buy, but also how to buy stocks for your business.

Inventory Storage Space

If an item is in demand, you may want to buy and stock more of it. You might have a problem keeping down the purchase order if your office is already filled with other stocks and other important things. That’s where the importance of a self-storage units comes in. Having one will secure your inventory flow and will lessen opportunity costs. You can also save money since most suppliers give discount if you have a bigger order. Also, if you have things that you currently don’t need but you think you will need them in the future, it is handy to have a self-storage like National Mini Storage unit at your disposal.

Round the Clock Security

If you opt to just look for a location to store your things other than the self-storage locker rooms, you may encounter problems like theft and burglary. So to avoid that, you may have to hire security personnel to look after your storage, which will incur additional expenses. On the other hand, if you elect to choose to put your things in some self-storage units, you have rented not only the units itself, but also a security to guard your things at the same time. So you can worry less about it. Some companies even have applied modern technology where you can only enter through a unique security code and you can track who comes in and who comes out. Most of them already have installed CCTV cameras to put in additional security to give peace of mind for their customers.

Keep it organize

If you already have your storage space, it will be hard for you to look for your things if you are unorganized. Make sure you place your things in a systematized matter so you can easily access whenever you need them and lessen the instances of lost items.

When storing boxes, try not to stack up the boxes too high. Only pile four boxes at a time so you can easily get your items that have been placed at the lower boxes. It is also important to properly label the boxes, and load it according to your need. If you frequently need something in particular, make sure it is in front of the locker so you can get it easily. When keeping excess stocks, it is advisable to use FIFO or first-in-first-out method. Archive your old but still important documents chronologically or alphabetically so you don’t have to go through it one by one when looking for something.

These are just some of the benefits of having self-storage for your business. Overall, it is really economical rather than transferring to a bigger office space. If the things you will store in it is temperature sensitive, other self-storage companies offer climate-controlled locker units for you. Small businesses can really benefit because they can stock variety of products to cater different people and more stocks can mean more sales. Even though these small players in the market just started their business at home or at their garage, after a certain growth, they might need additional spaces to accommodate the business’s needs. A clear work space may be a key for the small business operators to run their trade efficiently unlike if all your stocks are stored in the office in an unorganized manner.

If you have more ideas on how a business can benefit from self-storage, hit the comments section below and tell us what you think.

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