Well, looks like you are not the only one concerned about “what is the best dental insurance with no waiting period?” 

There are thousands of people on the internet who have the same concerns. Dental insurance plans with no waiting periods allow the patients to get coverage for the basic, preventive, and major services. Sometimes, they also get coverage for orthodontics, and that too, without even waiting for a single day. 

These plans are the best for those patients who put off dental care plans because of the high cost or the ones who are in need of undertaking a major dental procedure. 

They have affordable premiums and the best of the benefits that you may start taking advantage of from the very moment the coverage begins. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Just because you are signing up for the dental insurance plan does not mean that your dental care will be covered right away. In reality, most of these plans have a waiting period before their coverage kicks in. 
  • The waiting period usually, but not always, applies to the major and the basic dental works. Most of these plans come with no waiting periods for preventive care. 
  • It is necessary that you select carefully, as the plans that come with no waiting periods may offer less coverage in comparison to the other plans. Or, they may not even give you coverage for certain types of dental plans at all. 
  • A dental insurance plan might as well waive the entire waiting period if you have had another dental insurance plan for the past 12 months. 

Once you decide to sign up for the dental insurance plan to supplement your already existing health plan, you will come across multiple options. There, you will notice that even if you are feeling the need to sign up for one plan and catch up for the dental plan. This is where you need to relax and do some research. It is mainly because there are multiple dental insurance plans that come with a waiting period, which you are trying to avoid. 

What Is A Waiting Period For A Dental Plan? 

What Is A Waiting Period For A Dental Plan

The waiting period for a dental insurance plan is a particular amount of time that you are bound to wait before you get to receive any coverage for a few or all the care that the new plan is to cover. The total duration of the waiting period may vary from 30 days to more than a year. This will mainly depend on the plan you are choosing

The waiting period will usually be shorter for the most basic services like non-surgical extractions or fillings. The waiting period is comparatively longer when it comes to critical services such as root canals, bridges, or crowns. 

Most of these dental insurance plans come with no waiting period for preventive care. These preventive care services include exams, cleanings, X-rays, and fluoride treatments. 

Why Do Dental Plans Come With Waiting Periods? 

Why Do Dental Plans Come With Waiting Periods

Waiting periods mainly help prevent people from signing up for a dental plan, receiving the coverage for their dental procedure, and then simply dropping the coverage. Insurance companies also promise that the provisions for the waiting period help them keep much lower premiums for everyone. 

What Is The Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period?

What Is The Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Let us now see which are the best dental insurances that you may get your hands on, which come without any waiting period. 


Humana provides one of the most diverse options for dental insurance that comes with no waiting period. The customers also get three different types of plans to choose from. When you factor those in with the low deductibles, affordable premiums, and a huge network of providers, this insurance plan becomes one of the best overall options out there. 


  • There is no waiting period for all the covered services on certain plans. 
  • You get three different types of insurance plans to choose from. 
  • You get approximately 270,000 in-network dentists. 


  • It has bad coverage when it comes to orthodontics. 
  • It is higher in comparison to some of its competitors. 

Humana offers no waiting periods with four of its seven dental plans, and the options and benefits available are some of the best in the industry. Those who want coverage to begin immediately can choose from a PPO, HMO, or dental discount plan with some of the lowest premiums we were able to find from any provider.

Denali Dental

It is one of the best options if you are looking for preventive care. This is because the organization covers more for preventive care services compared to any of the other service providers. This means you may get a teeth cleaning for almost four times a year, that too from just one policy. 


  • You get two exams and four annual cleanings. 
  • There is a low lifetime deductible. 
  • The annual maximum is up to $6,000. 


  • The premiums are pretty high. 
  • The initial coinsurance rates are high. 
  • The lower-cost Ridge plans do not cover Orthodontics. 

If you like to stay on top of preventive care for your teeth, Denali Dental offers no-wait plans that include four cleanings per year, more than any other provider. The two plans—named Ridge and Summit—are priced by geographic area and can be more or less expensive depending on where you live. You can get a quote on Denali Dental’s website.


United Healthcare

UnitedHealthcare is one of the best options if you are looking for basic coverage. There are multiple affordable options that help cover all of your basic dental care needs. Most of the dental insurance policies under UnitedHealthcare impose no waiting period for the basic services. They also have low rates of coinsurance. They reduce each year you stay with the insurance provider. 


  • They come with affordable monthly premiums. 
  • The basic services come with low coinsurance fees. 
  • There is no waiting period for the preventive coverage. 


  • The customers may have to wait for six months as waiting periods on some of the major care services on some of the plans. 
  • There is only one available plan to cover orthodontics
  • The major services come with poor coverage. 

Even with good oral hygiene and routine preventive care, most people need basic dental services, such as fillings, at some point. If you’re looking for insurance to cover these treatments and don’t want to wait six months to a year for the policy to take effect, we recommend UnitedHealthcare. Seven of the provider’s ten dental plans have no waiting period for either preventive or basic services.


The Bottom Line 

When you ask, “What is the best dental insurance with no waiting period?” you may think that there is going to be one top answer to your question; however, that is not the case. 

There is nothing called the best dental insurance. There are different types and kinds, and people choose as per their needs. Here, I have listed the top three dental insurances for you to choose from. However, there are multiple other options that you may select from depending on what you seek. But make sure that you are well aware of the policies and premiums that you need to pay for it.

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