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The movie Saroj Ka Rishta has been released in theatres, and Sanah Kapur's performance has greatly appreciated. The movie's plot centres on the overweight girl Saroj Sharma. She considers that her life is comparable to that of other slim girls and that she does not require special treatment. You can find a great deal of comedy and drama in Saroj Ka Rishta. This movie provided a mirror to those who desire a slim, attractive bride. This movie featuring Shahid Kapoor's sister is the subject of extensive social media controversy. Sana Kapoor's performance as Saroj was outstanding, carrying the entire movie on her shoulders. In the role of a devoted parent, Kumud Mishra has once more reached the depths of acting. In this age of mindless comedy, "Saroj Ka Rishta" is a breath of fresh air that will readily offer you the impression of easy and entertaining movies. Moreover, the outstanding usage of music and camerawork has provided the movie with an elegant execution. After viewing Saroj Ka Rishta, you will undoubtedly leave the theatre with a grin and a sense of accomplishment for having seen a great movie. Click here to read: Saroj Ka Rishta Movie Review

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