Investing Books
Personal Finance
The Humble Book: Why Investing Books are the Unsung Financial Education Heroes

Commentators on the publishing industry in the UK have been writing off the prospects of print publishing for the best part of two decades. And yet it perseveres, with longevity similar to the very books it sells. How quaint. Since….

BY Ariana Smith
Buying Flood Insurance
3 Important Reasons for Buying Flood Insurance

If you’re a homeowner, you should consider buying flood insurance. When it comes time to buy insurance, most people only think about homeowners insurance. However, many home insurance policies will not include flood insurance. This means that if your home….

BY Arina Smith
Invest In Malta’s Real Estate
Real Estate
Top 5 Tips For Investors Looking To Invest In Malta’s Real Estate

In the last few years, Malta’s economy has opened up beyond the obvious folds of tourism. It has slowly started becoming a major center of trade, commerce, and living for ex-pats coming to Malta from all over the world. This….

BY Ariana Smith
external services
Three external services that could end up earning you money

As reluctant you may be to pay out for things that are not essential, sometimes the best idea is to spend a little money on something that can help you save more. Here are three external services we think you….

BY Ariana Smith
Finance Degree
How to Succeed in Math When Getting a Finance Degree

You know that going to college is a big investment, so you want to make it count. You decide to get a finance degree so that you can get a good job after you graduate. A finance major can be….

BY Arina Smith
Control of Your Finances
Finance Tips
How to Get in Better Control of Your Finances

No matter what situation you are in, getting in control of your finances can benefit you in all sorts of different ways. Unfortunately, this is something that is not taught well enough in school and causes a major headache for….

BY Ariana Smith